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reflextics - well the shiny bubble wrap type stuff
Damn. That sticky stuff always works fine when you don't want it to. Tongue
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  • Cammalu (12-01-2017)
We made a discovery the other day. Our van is maroonish brown with pink stripes..... the interior is/was pink. Got Smart John suggested blocking up the windows and paneling right over. Well we have been working on the van this week and we took his advice. We took out the interior stuff by the double side doors. Smoke and mirrors nothing substantial for sure. We had reflectix cut and fit in the big conversion van windows so we used it as a pattern to made a piece out of pink foam insulation to go in the window - when we gave it a look see from outside it matches the van perfectly unless you know where to look. We had figured we would need a bit of black paint on the pink... our next step right now is to get some wiring done. We are still waiting for the fan from the Aurora train wreck...
I think that fan MAY have been defective.....check it carefully before installing Tongue
Stay Tuned

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You betcha... knowing it was in a wreck makes us suspicious that it could very well have taken a good jarring even if it wasn’t in the cars that went on their sides. We ordered a bunch of other stuff after we ordered the fan and it is ALL already here. AND this was the second company we ordered a fan from. The first waited 3 days to tell us they were out of stock. So we thought we ordered from some place closer to home but it was shipped from Washington anyway. AND it has been HOT and HUMID here. We are working on wiring up the solar and when the fan gets here it will be examined and tried out ASAP. I wonder if we should return it anyway since it was in a wreck? Never know if the fan has internal injuries that might shorten its useful life. Did I mention it is HOT here???
Don't forget to install it under the floor with the grille pointing forward for maximum airflow too.
(If you post a pic . We can all vote on if you have that model or the roof mount - rear facing one Rolleyes ...
I'll vote now , if the box arrives with the cover facing up or down , that's the clue. I know you mentioned it was once near another fan that was on it's side so guess we'll have to adjust all the calculations accordingly . EVERYTHING could depend on getting this right. Confused )

Now , with that out of the way.... let me tell you about the time I convinced a new CBer to install his antenna upside down...................
Stay Tuned

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15 "Stinkin'Badges"  a "Full Monty Badge" 2 "Just Ignore Me" clusters  10 "Pine Cone" clusters  , one "Stinkin' Badger" and 7 of the coveted "Flying Manure Spreader"awards
(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)

The boarded up windows solved some of it. Some where I posted pics of some window covers with screens. The reflectix went right under those and looked right smart. I used fabric covered panels inside the van and the window shades matched. Turns out the fabric I used was smiling at me at Culver’s from the benches... LOL. $5 well spent for the roll of fabric from goodwill.
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  • travelaround (06-28-2019)
Experimenting with a piece of reflectix and a piece of foam board from the Dollar Tree...the foam board is available in black or white so I got one of each to play with. So far I’ve only messed with the white.

The sliding door got reflectix and it fit nice but shows from the outside. Kind of ugly. The rear side window got the white foam board. I like it that you can’t tell the foam board is there from the outside. The foam board is not big enough to do any of the other windows in one piece. I wonder how it will hold up in heat. I wonder if two pieces will go in together. I wonder if two can go but leave a gap for a screen have a fill in then have a more foam board option. I’m thinking about gluing some fabric to the inside face of the foam board to see how it will look, insert and hold up. What glue? I’ll be experimenting just a bit. Has anybody already done some experimenting with the foam boards? I had to use my kitchen scissors to cut that stuff. Reflectix is much easier to cut to shape. Reflectix will roll up and get out of the way when needed. Both go in the windows and have stayed in just fine. Both are light weight. I haven’t tried taking the foam board in and out a few times. The reflectix moves in or out just fine.
I used foam board in my old truck.  I held the pieces together with packing tape.  I'm sure gorilla tape would be just as good.
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At the home stores they have metal vent tape.  If you use that there will be no air flow.  I taped the shiny side of the foam board to the plastic sides of the window trim and it never moved again.  Then I used beaded luan plywood lengthway to cover the sides and ceiling.
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Reflectix and the generic brands are great products, but it does wear out. I have some that was new 6 months ago and stopped 99.5% of light 6 months ago in my windshield, now I would estimate it is down to 95% light blockage.

I have made my own tight fitting window shades for all front windows. it is important there is not huge gaps between the windows and the reflectix as the air in between gets superheated and then can get around it and infect the interior.

One product I would like to bring to the attention of members here, is a vinyl, static cling type of mirror tint. They advertise is as a one way mirror tint but that is generous, if there is any significant light on the other side of the tint.

But its ability to block heat is impressive. I put some on my conversion van smoked window interior, and the portion of sunlight hitting the wood inside was 8 degrees cooler than the portion without it. That is a significant difference!
When driving west through Arizona in march, the sunlight was baking my arm, while driving I stuck some to the window and it seemed like 80%+ of that radiant heat was blocked, and I could still see through it to the mirror. Made the intolerable totally comfortable.

It does not appear to be reflective when applied to an already tinted window, but it does block some percentage of heat getting through.

it only appears reflective like a mirror, applied to clear windows and only when the interior is darker than outside. if it is light inside it still appears reflective, but one can see through it.
It is very easy to apply and remove and leaves no residue. Sometimes when it does not like to cling to the window, I wipe the window with water and then just squeegee center to edges with the wetted napkin, or a real squeegee if i want it to not have bubbles.

I use this in my passenger front window under my fan shroud to hide my dog from doogooders who cannot apply logic and read a thermometer and then call the cops and revel in their self fabricated indignation and ignorance. With my other front windows covered with reflectix she is invisible inside on her perch, yet can look out the window as she needs a view. I have had no issues with doogooders freakin out, since getting this static cling mirror like window tint.

In colder weather I used to peel it off and stick it on a back window every time I drove, due to tint laws in Ca on the front windows, but now I leave it on and drive with that window down the whole time.

It is cheap, blocks light and a lot of heat. I have installed some over my side doors windows that I have tinted with real but low quality 35% window tint that uses adhesive. While i have reflectix/cardboard window shades panels for these windows, I have not employed them since applying this vinyl tint to them. together both tints block an amazing amount of heat, and it is very difficult to see past them if it is dark inside, yet seeing out is no problem.
they sell black and silver, I bought the silver, and am going to buy more, now. My neighbors bought some black and gave me what they have left over, i do nto know how effective it is as I have not employed the black anywhere, yet.

the optics of this mirror tint are not great even if one takes care when applying it with a more permanent intention. I'd not be trying to take pictures through it. It has not peeled off anywhere that I have installed it intending it to be quasi permanent, but I do wish i spent more time cleaning and prepping the window interiors i applied it to.

Basicaly any window this is applied to is going to let less heat through whether it is smoked glass like conversion van windows, or windows that already have a window tint applied to them. it will only appear mirror like when applied to clear windows. My previously tinted windows do not appear mirror like at all with this tint installed over it.

Back facing windows, in some states, it is illegal to have mirrored tint. I'll be installing this on my dark tinted back windows without fear. The rest of my conversion van windows that employ smoked glass too. those windows already have insulating black out panels, but those heat up and radiate heat to the interior, and this vinly static cling mirror tint will reduce the amount that they heat up and not look mirror like either, not like reflectix placed in the window does.

When this tint is applied to a clear window, an then reflectix is placed in that window, the reflectix is then less obvious.

It really is an awesome product, and awesome that it can be viewed as temporary, easily removed and placed on another window for storage, or perhaps rolled up and placed elsewhere. While installing permanent adhesive backed tint is a pain in the ass this stuff is much much easier to do.

i've only had mine in use for 6 months but it shows no degradation. the piece i have used as temporary pelling and applying it many dozens of times, has curled at the edges, ad takes a but of water and massaging with a squeegee to get those to lay flat, or a small peice of scotch tape.

I'm ordering more right now before amazon sees a bunch of hits and raises the price Smile
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  • Snikwahjm (07-17-2019)

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