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Here we effing go again. Transmission, of course.
(01-17-2021, 09:50 AM)sternwake Wrote: Glad it runs so smoothly now.

Did they reuse the inline  filter you added, or replace it, or just use a coupler to eliminate it?

The rear cooler line , closer to differential,  on the a-500 TX is the return.
KNowing the  Direction of flow is paramount when adding a filter.

i thought that fertilization with human waste is illegal.

Think how much nastier is has to be than horse manure, with all the crap foods that modern humans consume.

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Hi Heron, reading the last few pages of replies catching up on this thread and I am SO SO happy you're transmission is fixed and you're back on the road!

I know the feeling of wanting to get out of where you are, back in 2011 I was doing some insurance adjusting work in Oklahoma boss flew me there from Mass where I was living at the time and the assignment was 35 day 29 I just broke and told him I had to get out of there. I dunno what it was other than I found it to be extremely offense if anyone in the forum is living there. Luckily he agreed and got my plane ticket changed an off i went.

And congrats on walking 5 1/2 miles! I recently did 3 1/2....the furthest I've walked in 10 years. Wow can't believe it's been ten years since being diagnosed with Lyme and a rare autoimmune....(they still don't know if I actually have the auto immune of if lyme is making it look like i do) Anyways I was on crutches 4 years ago and they said I'd never walk with out them the fact I am not only walking I'm walking miles is quite the victory to me! My feet hate me haha, but after a day of multi mile walks, I need about two days for the soreness to subside. I'm not complaining though, my walks are actually therapeutic and Camo lives for them!

So where are you heading to now? I bet you'll have a big smile every time you drive the van now with it running so smoothly.
I didn't do it!

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