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Jeep Gladiator Top Dog
"Ladies and gentlemen, Jeep is at it again with another loaded-to-the-rafters Jeep concept. The adventure-hungry automaker has created a vehicle that caters to both mountain bikers and hot dog lovers with the new Jeep Gladiator Top Dog concept."
Neat build Wayne. Thanks, I dumped my Jeep channels after eliminating them from my vehicle build option list. Super nice tricked out SEMA concept though glad to have seen it.

In the real world the added weight of the Pecor, which I love, tray, winch, and general supplies puts you overweight. I am really not happy Jeep went this route with the Gladiator. I get the direct competition with the Chevy ZR2 and thankfully the Chevys three engine option pushed the Jeep to diesel/gas options but... these midsized units just can’t meet emissions requirements and stay structurally robust. The Chevy even puts a sticker in the glove box no slide in camper, also in owners manual. While the Percor isn’t a slide in, it ain’t lite. Add water, and a winch at the furthest point rear and it is going to bend the frame going off-road.

Funny Land-rover used to rate the weight capacity on-road and off road. It was around 40% less. So 2000 pounds on the highway 1200 in the bush. The big boys don’t do it. So many threads, videos of bent frames. Manufactures scream you jumped it. Customers claim no no quiet drive in the parklands. Who is telling the truth? But the pictures of the bends on both the Chevy and Jeep are in the same place. Third party even have frame strengthers that can be welded in. Of course those buckle zones are built to protect you and transfer energy away from the occupant in a crash but... you bought a fifty thousand dollar off-road rig to go camping in with a actual weight capacity 40% less than advertised. What ya gonna do?

Funny conspiracy theory. Many of the original forum pictures and videos of the ZR2 owners that suffered this in the first year ZR2 Bison trim are gone. The owners won’t talk about it. They sure did at the start. Screamed on every forum they could post to. Then nothing. It was right around the time the Volkswagen diesel class action got into high gear. One of the owners, I followed on YouTube. He was suddenly driving a Ford Raptor with a 60 large additional build out, and a off-road trailer...not bad for a twenty something guy that works at a tire shop.

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I had Scouts, Jeeps & Samuris. Far & away best for me were the Scouts. with their "All Wheel Drive" as far as going places & pushing snow. I high centered one on the side of a hill with both right tires off the ground & would have bet anything it wouldn't move but it crawled right off no problem. Jeeps back them were the worst & the Samuri's were good with the tallest, skinniest most agressive tires & a lift kit. The best part was the short shaft connecting the transmission to the transfer case so any engine that could be made to fit worked. Always wanted to do a 4BT Cummins diesel. My best one was from Hawaii that people rented to drive up volcanos so no rust, & low miles. My buddies parked it right next to the cabin & went to town when the cabin burned. Melted the carb & transmission. I had a SnoCat & 2 6x6 dueces to get in also.
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