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San Juan NF
Have spent the summer here, mostly above 9K ft - lots of places to disperse.
The furbys & I walked about nearly everyday, hiking long closed FS/logging rds & traces: abandoned mines & miner cabins & places that might have been.
Places I wondered about - places of wonder: springs falling down the rocks, spots that just had a good feeling, a gated closed rd that looked as if they'd just been made, but w/trees fallen across & knee-highs growing ... elk, deer, ptarmagin, a moose, once, in the drizzle-rain - @ 1st I thought it was a mammoth mule ...
A hot spring.

The smoke b4 I came down


A weanling bear walked out of a wooded patch about 15m in front of us on 1 such. Surprise! So much for belling the bozos. Good, long looks & sniffs all round - I certainly wasn't gonna make the 1st move. No growls or raised hackles. It moved on, across the trail & up the mountain. I wondered if it was curious, hearing the bells & being young, decided to check it out.
I wonder if it was a friend, whose Spirit Guide was Bear, has passed & was telling me ...

It snowed 8 JUN & again 1 SEP

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Bells, such as on grazing cows, could be a dinner call for predators.
Sign in a popular hiking location in British Columbia.

How To Tell:

The difference between Bear and Cougar poop.

Bear poop is large and flat usually like a pancake with left over berries and occasionally smells spicy, or peppery.

Cougar poop is like a large candy bar that occasionally contains shiny silver bells.

A good friend of mine works at Mountain Equipment Co Op in Vancouver. Every year he puts a sign on the bear bells display that reads Great Cat Toys Too. Lol.

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