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Alternative to your Lithium Designs
Interesting Vid. Joe's humor is a bust but, to help soften the technical jargon I guess it works.
The intro was pretty good.
And it's interesting that in the Vid he talks about dendrites. I can remember back in the 70's on a TV show with a couple NASA engineer guys explaining real long term space travel issues around electronics shorting out because of this "metal formation".
Looks like they are still looking for a solution.
I didn't watch the vid but we used to have an issue with 'salt bridges'...essentially the same thing, dendrites, that formed in some of our old-school GE and Motorola VHF and UHF repeater equipment, in particular, in the helical front end coils.

These are components in the receiver that provide selectivity and tuning for the incoming RF signals, and if they begin to get shorted out by the salt bridges, then things go south in a hurry.

The symptoms are, the repeater gets more and more 'deaf' cant hear and repeat the distant signals, although nearby signals get repeated with no problem...and the output of the repeater's transmitter is not affected at all... so you know its not an antenna or feedline problem. The repeater is literally, getting more and more 'deaf' as days and weeks go by.

The solution? In our case, the highly specialized tool is called:  BFH, Motorola, (one each).

Whats a BFH, Motorola, (one each), you ask?

It also been known to go by a different name to the layman: Big F---ing Hammer!

As long as you have one of these highly specialized tools, you can repair this very expensive and vital radio communications equipment.

You go inside the facility, and using the specified tool, rap sharply on the cabinet, the frame, the chassis, and the heatsink. Several times in each location will usually be sufficient. Then, lock up the facility, drive 30 miles away, and test the repeater by attempting to send a signal to it.

It nearly always works, and might have to be 'repeated' in another 5 years or so.

Ah...the good old days appear to be coming back again. Better living thru modern physics.

Dendrites....gotta love 'em.

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I almost googled BFH, Motorola, Lol
Goodenough again...
"solid state" battery electrolyte
not electronic but actually solid.....solves dendrites and cold friendly !
Did they say something about Goodenough working at U of Tx- Austin ?
Maybe they need test rigs  ?

Joe is kinda corny but it's the content.
This one is more informative and less entertaining. skuh kuh kuh kuh

bonus round
Stay Tuned

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Cool post thanks number one.
Here is an update and test results after a month from the OP.

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Maxwell dry cell and capacitor battery company being /has been bought by Musk ?
Stay Tuned

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15 "Stinkin'Badges"  a "Full Monty Badge" 2 "Just Ignore Me" clusters  10 "Pine Cone" clusters  , one "Stinkin' Badger" and 8 of the coveted "Flying Manure Spreader"awards
(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)
There is a company by the name of HQ technologies that has been at me for 6 months to try out their batteries. I haven't ordered them because I was not sure if I was going back to Denver or not and did not know where to have them sent. I do have a few customers interested but only with the understanding that I can not vouch for them at all.

The pricing may only be because of the solar service in hopes that I become a reseller but it is so low that it may be worth taking the chance and replacing the 10 year old Lifelines. Four 100 Ah lithium batteries or two 200 Ah batteries shipped to Ehrenberg is $1350. A 400 Ah battery cost more to ship but they all work out to $315 per 100 Ah plus shipping which takes 35 days.

I would prefer to get the Lifeblue batteries with their internal shunt, blue tooth app and self heating option. I have installed 3000 Ah of these and the customers are thrilled saying that the app and knowing just how much charge they have is a game changer. That said, the $4000 price tag for 400 Ah is not feasible right now.

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