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they say it's not cancer
Damn, I'm having sympathy pains....


When I was just around 13 or 14 or so, I ended up in the doctors office for a twisted testicle....which is actually a medical emergency but hell, my mom didnt know nothing about young boys and their....issues. Dad was long gone by then.

Twisted testicles hurt severely...


Another pain that hurts


is kidney stones.....OMG...that pain would make a man of god scream four letter words!


I hope they figure out what is going on


Best of luck!
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Popeye I was one to run behind the skeeter spraying trucks we had in NJ as a kid....omg ya know LOL

Should be gone by now cause round up was a biggie and we used industrial strength on the farm. I handled it all.

Now I can just wait for it all to go down but I am fighting it all tooth and nail tho Smile Thing is I never see a Doc either, if I do go it is cause I am one step from the grave LOL Luckily I have no issues other than small things, but those with big med troubles in their lives, I just can't imagine. Super strong people facing those challenges!
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If I'd have known I was going to live this long, I'd have taken better care of myself.

NOT,,,,,,, well maybe a couple of things!

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