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WiFi on the road
My sissy Susu bought a Casita this morning and as she is working remotely now wants to hit the road for awhile.

I have an AT&T hotspot that is ok for us but she needs to be going all day and wherever she lands.

Best options? A couple of different services?

Jim? What’s the latest
Visible with unlimited data, text and minutes is $25/mo if you jump through a minor hoop. Good for a backup phone and data. People who had had issues were usually switching their current number or bringing their current phone. Support is via chat and doesn't handle one off issues well. As I said, good for a cheap backup and uses the Verizon network.

I have Metro TMobile and it is unlimited everything as well along with a few perks like free phone, Amazon prime, Google backup for $60/mo as my main phone. They have stores and the tech handled the switch over of my primary number.

Those with my at&t hot spot cover the basis here.
Visible with their $19 phone and $25 a month (party plan) is great. Unlimited everything.

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"wherever she lands."
No guarantee, even with two (or three) wireless carriers, on data access "wherever".
For limited definitions of "wherever", it may be possible.
I now have Verizon "unlimited data" but it is throttled after 15 gigs of 4G down to 600 Kbps, until the end of the billing cycle. Whatever carrier chosen make sure the throttled speed will be fast enough and if your tower signal is fair to marginal loading web pages often times out so your screwed.
Don't take the sales folks word for anything.
A wilson signal booster will allow you to get further away especially with a high gain directional antenna. Visibles data is unthrottled and runs on verizon towers.

2000 Roadtrek 200 Versatile "The Beast" (it has been tamed hopefully)  I feed it and it doesn't bite me.   Angel
metro TMobile is 35 G before throttle.
Thanks everyone. I’ll pass the info.
(07-30-2020, 05:16 PM)B and C Wrote: Visible with their $19 phone and $25 a month (party plan) is great.  Unlimited everything.
Visible no longer offers the $19 phone but they do have a ZTE Blade A3 for free if you trade in your old Android phone.

I have had Visible for a little over a year. I have traveled extensively throughout the west, southwest and southeast and it has worked great. I recently dropped and broke my phone and opted for the ZTE A7. I haven't done any traveling yet with the new phone but I will be heading for Montana in a few days so that will be a good test.
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Visible's $25 4 party plan is the best deal if you can live with dealing with problems e-mail or text & don't need face to face help. It pure Verizon's best at a much better price & you're never throttled back.
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