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dog many to choose from
Cammie sure looks good and smells good after her $35 salon visit. And I went grocery shopping and visited a friend during her time with the groomer, so there is that.

I think she is good to go for a few months.
A cat, a dog, and a dude.
Well the casing says it is a 800mAH 14500 battery, the 14500 battery itself says 600mAH.

Say it isn't so!




I'd never pulled off the cutter head before. It is spring loaded, and was packed with hair.  Big surprise there.

There was some powdered fur in between the sliding blades, separating them slightly, meaning the cutters were not 'scissoring' as originally designed, thus not cutting fur as well as it should

They certainly worked better afterwards.

I can replace the battery easily enough when this one becomes worthless, but I don't think I am going to bother making the battery easily swappable at that point, and certainly not right now.

A dash of Caig DeoXit d5 in the barrel plug sorted the weird amperage accepted issue when charging.

I think I can also sharpen the blades should that be required.  The whole cutter head comes apart pretty easily, but there is a spring on a hinged portion, that needs to slide under a little edge on reassembly, which it does not like to do, easily, the first time anyway.
Yep when you see the interior it makes me wonder how on earth they can sell some brands of these for over $100....sheesh...
A cat, a dog, and a dude.
I paid 25$ I think, a few years back for the clippers pictured above. I feel i already got my moneys worth from them, and they are still effective.

. My ~40$ 120Vac WAHL clippers were much heavier and burlier, but would get locked up on Fiona's Fur and make a horrendous noise which would make her flinch and try to jump off the bench.

They met their fate on the edge of a cast iron chair handle, as all attempts to keep them lubed and sharp and functioning properly, had no effect on when they's decide to lock up and buzz.

Things which break or that do not perform as they should, will have me try to improve them, and if this proves a waste of time, or effective but too short lived, I need to make it so they cannot be fixed and waste any more of my time.

I do salvage all the tiny screws and copper wire for retasking.
Camo is a lab shepherd mix and just sheds all his fur on his own.  No trimming required!  Most the year it's minimal, but he's really starting to amp up the shed to get rid of the winter coat. Can't keep up with it,  fast as you vacuum everything (and him) it's back again.

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