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Rockpals sale for Fathers Day
If you are looking at those battery boxes that are falsely labeled as “solar generators”, Rockpals has a sale now. While I don’t have the coin for the 300 watt lithium “all in one box” model, many people on YT in vehicles seem to have one of some kind.

Here’s the deal: (While I have no affiliation with Rockpals, I’ll gladly accept a few of their products on a uhh, long-term demo...)

Rockpals 300W Portable Power StationHOT

280Wh/75000mAh Portable Rechargeable Generator Clean & Silent 110V AC Outlet/12V or 24V DC/USB for fast charging, home emergencies,  camping, CPAP (below 96W) and so on.
Answered questions

List Price: $289.99
Price: $249.90  [b]Free Shipping[/b]. Details
You save:$40.09 (14%)
[Image: coupon-img1.png?v=5934260097193701340]COUPON CODE
[Image: coupon-img2.png?v=4395490106616114975][b]FATHER4[/b]

Save an extra 4% when you apply coupon code above!
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