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Some people just cant handle alcohol. My best friend growing up is one of them. Nicest, smartest guy in the room. Put three beers in him and he starts becoming violent, angry and hateful towards anyone and the world. Hard alcohol forget about it, he goes off the rails. It's landed him several mutli-year prison stints.
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  • heron (07-10-2020)
Yep, I had a friend in high school that was an alcoholic. He would not stop drinking until it was all gone or he passed out. Glad he wasn't a violent drunk. He wrecked a bunch of cars of his and others. The others from bouncing off them to stay in the road. I know there were a lot of pissed people in the morning. I've met some violent drunks and if seen when they weren't, I steered clear of them in any case.

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  • Texjbird (07-10-2020)
(07-06-2020, 03:17 AM)Snikwahjm Wrote: I can sew curtains.
WOOHOO !!!  You're hired !! Anything you can do woul be better than me using duct tape to seam them and stick to windows. LOL JJK....maybe.  Text me address to ship material to. When bus gets out of the shop I will measure them the openings.  936-446-6585.
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  • heron (07-10-2020)
I think Arik tried hard to stay off the booze, and did, I believe, go back off after his time with you, Scott, so... He was also controlling, and the abuse was waiting to happen, right behind his smile. I could see it. I tried hard not to, because... well, I don't know why. I wanted to believe as others did, and mistrusted myself, but I know this stuff, through and through, and shouldn't have. He's had it rough, I know, but as has been noted by a few above, you be a grownup, and you deal with your shit. He has a lot of potential, I suppose, but more work than he's been willing to do, so far, before he's going to be a fit partner for anyone, including himself.
Toni is going to be OK, I think. She'd said this couldn't happen again, and when it did, she left. Good on her. For others of us, it takes way too many times.
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I am not a fan of publicly attacking someone or outing people, but I couldn’t let this go unmentioned. He was beyond dangerous, out of control and terrifying. He is back on the wagon, last I heard. I don’t hate the guy, but none of you ever want to camp with him if he is drinking. So now you know.....

Toni is happily flying solo, she is a strong woman and knows men that hit will always hit. Sadly that one took me a while to understand.

By the way - Fuck You to all the men that hit.

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You did the right thing.
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  • Blanch (07-11-2020)

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