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If anyone was thinking of heading this way this summer
Hence my hair comment. I was of course meaning Trudeau “nice hair not much else”. The trifle musings of the masses toward politics and political leaders is mystifying.

Not starting a political argument. But highlighting choices in freedom and perceived slights.

Everyone is free to travel and spend their time and cash in the countries of their choosing. But, for me, when politics stops human exploration I wonder why and think doesn’t that choice reinforce a closed mind and political ideology?

It could be a correct choice. Thailand is run by a military dictatorship that illegally seized power from the people. I am not going to holiday there out of protest.

You stay home. Happy views, beliefs, and democracy reins supreme ideology in tact and unchallenged.

You go. You see for the most part things run the same as they do at home. The people are happy. Business goes on without much interference. The scorecard from the bowling gods is pretty much a nonstarter. Ah but then a smart person is forced to think. Could this be the same at home? Could being a cheerleader for one or the other bowling gods side amount to...well being a cheerleader. Dressed for the game, in bright uniforms and having zero impact despite all the effort and noise.

Science demands our theories, beliefs, and ideas, are tested. Proven to be facts with repeatable outcomes. It is why astrology is superstitious mumbo jumbo and Astronomy is interesting stuff worth talking about and exploring.

I’ve sat many hours listening to people talk on about how great their country is. From North America to Northern Africa. But what is always far more interesting is listening to someone compare and contrast the differences and what they believe is better and what could be done better. Or why something that works here doesn’t work there, and theories of why.

Politics should never stop the human spirit of exploration. Is my opinion and point. I see the differences between Canada and the USA as moderate, say compared to China or Russia. So I was looking for clarification. Perhaps my view is incorrect and the differences are not so moderate?

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