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Stupid proof dual battery setup.
I know my posts are generally not cheap fixes or the most frugal way to do it. Time for some is money. Learning how to do it right takes time. I am basically a believer in buy and cry once. Good for the environment too as less junk in the ocean and landfills. 

Ok so Russian manufactures are cheap ass mo$SmileSmileFu:$:. Battery cables on our Lada village 4x4 stranded me and the monsters. First eight gauge wire for mains positive and negative. Really? So I got some two gauge and tried to get it correctly terminated. What a pain in the...

I've used Genesis battery systems for years and I remembered the awesome customer service and some slick two gauge terminations. I checked. Yes still aviailible. Two gauge is pretty much overkill for most projects. So I called when I got the monsters home, forgetting the time difference. The owner answered!! I reminded him of my quad set up universal mount for the Viper truck and he remembered me. Only 2000 SRT 10's sold in the USA that year and I was probably the only one stupid enough to jam 4 group 24 batteries under the hood.

Asked him if he would toss a twin pack into a FedEx package and ship to Russia. He said he would and pass along shipping fees via email pay me please request. Got them today. Four days is incredibly fast shipping for here. I expected two weeks even with stupid level shipping costs. 

Easy breezy terminations. No big crimp tools or guess work. Heat poke in just shy of an inch stripped wire and let cool. Done like Trotsky. 

Here is the link.

There dual battery set ups are pricey but as I said, for me, buy and cry once. For those with little skills this is a no brainer option anyone can do. Saves on doing it wrong and smoking relays, batteries,rigs. 

The link takes you to the two gauge terminals but the menu is clickable.
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If pure copper conductivity is measured at 100, and sliver is 108.

Lowly Tin and Silver solder scores a 16.6 and that is the best of the solders in terms of conductivity.

16.60 1 Silver, Tin Solder
11.90 1 Tin Solder (Antimonial)
11.00 1 Solder, 50-50 Soft
8.80 1 Solder, 5-95 Soft

15.00 1 Tin, Pure

So On paper, it seems a properly HEX crimped thick wall ring terminal should have less resistance than one relying on solder to conduct electricity.

The ring terminals with open ends, I like to hydraulically or buttcheek crimp on 10awg and thinner, then cover that open ended stranding with solder.
Tinned copper wire is superior in resistance to elements, but the tin is 15, compared to copper's 100 on the conductance table.

Seems the least possible resistance is pure copper wire on pure copper lugs. While it remains corrosion free.
Not sure how much difference it makes in actual use.

Finding applications where steel is used as the intended conductor is dismaying, as it rates less than 3 compared to copper's 100

Even brass and bronze do not score all that well. Aluminum fares way better depending on the specific alloy. Its not easy finding Phosphor Bronze fasteners

48.00 1 Bronze Phos., 1.25% Phos. Grade E

18.00 1 Bronze Phos., 5% Phos. Grade A
13.00 1 Phos. Bronze, 8% Phos. Grade C
12.00 1 Bronze, Silicon Type B (Annealed)
11.00 1 Bronze Phos., 10% Phos. Grade D
I have a wooden spool of 2/0 & #2 welding cable & a good set of individual crimp dies for all the large sizes you use in a lathe bench vice. I don't like solder on large cable.
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I agree crimped is best. But it requires tools and expertise. Something sadly missing from today in general and here specifically. So as alternatives go these thick wall, with two layers of heat shrink are my best solution.

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