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Wuhan Flu
(09-14-2020, 02:41 PM)Wayne49 Wrote: Your existing condition does not contribute to your being murdered, or being a fatality in a plane crash.

Not a proper equivalence.

Many have argued with me that it does, because I can't run, solely because of my preexisting condition. I contend that if you just keep your distance and don't blow your damn germs on me, I'm a whole lot less likely to die of Covid, and the same is true if you're trying to stab me. Unless you're a great knife thrower.
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200,000 + deaths. 

No age group is immune 

The 3 most dangerous places to be are bars restaurants and gyms. 

Other places with unmasked people shoving and yelling are just asking for a death sentence. 

The louder someone talks, the more likely their message is not to be believed.
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Hmmm. No age group is immune? Odd. Death tolls from sub teen groups here are almost non existent. Teen to late teen statistically insignificant and within any studies error margin.

Meanwhile: 30 thousand Moscow residents got jabbed, with the vaccine. All the military and various administrations have been offered. All the Countries doctors and medical personnel offered as well. Free country so you have a choice. President just offered free jabs to everyone at the big UN meeting. The Lancet, Europe’s preeminent Medical Journal, and totally independent, gave the Sputnik vaccine a passing grade.

Yet...Russia Bad, Putin bad, orange man puppet. Blah blah blah. Defund police. Listen to media superstars, living behind gates inside gated communities, tell you what is right.

Meanwhile...India and the Philippines will likely get access to this effective vaccine before the wealthiest country on the planet.

[Image: 8e64dfd2dd86fd987773e141b6c8213a.jpg]

Don’t get stuck on the mask. It is a representation of the ideology. The ideology of divide, induce fear, create dissension and misdirection, spread the seeds of pestilence, disease, war.

Miss the opportunity to say. Well done, this vaccine will save thousands in our country alone. Thank you, yes we’ll take 100 million.

Nope...Russia Bad.

Reminds me of a story. My old man. He earned The Atlantic Star, The Pacific Star, The Burma Star, The Voluntary Service Silver Medal, and the 1937 to 1943 Silver Medal in the Second World War. He was in Japan when the war ended and helped with POW releases. He saw first hand how the Japanese had treated the POWs. Not mainstream but you can look it up. It wasn’t good. Not as bad as Germany of course but still horrible. So he was a little biased, perhaps even racist if I am honest, against these people.

Fast forward a number of years. Dad is hauling logs down the coast of BC. He is an independent contractor. Money is tight, jobs hard to get. He has a small tug with a one cylinder Diesel engine. He drags large log booms down the coast from the wet sort to the dry sort for processing.

He gets caught in one of the PNW famous huge whirlpools. The little tug tries but isn’t powerful enough to drag itself and the boom out of the pull. Dad waits too long to cut the boom free, as he needs the cash. He is caught. Not much time and he calls a mayday.

A Japanese fishing boat is close and comes to his rescue. They said they would make one pass.

He said: “I looked at that line for about four seconds before I sucked up my pride, grabbed it and secured it to my vessel.”

Why are we, The West, waiting? As we post numbers and decry our efforts to remain safe at the horrendous cost to our social structure. Why are we not grabbing the lifeline? Why are we maintaining our bigoted biases? Why are we listening to unnamed sources, and keystone kop fantasies? Why is the Zeneca trial, that has had two cases of severe neurological damage, causing it to be halted twice. Is based on monkey DNA mods, and has not been independently evaluated better than the alternative; that is based on HUMAN DNA mods. Why is this narrative being sold, yes marketed and advertised, and SOLD, to you.

This isn’t a troll and I have no interest in debating politics, even if it were allowed. I spent the time writing this to get you thinking. Fear is the minds killer. Rationally look at this and think. I’ve seen the lines, physically looked at the first responders standing in line to get the jab. Not an orchestrated photo op. Just the distribution clinic not far from my favorite seafood joint. As real as it gets. Not everyone is getting the jab. My shoulder doc is my anesthesiologists isn’t. One is 60 while the other one is 32 and looks like he works out five days a week.

Protesting mask no mask, black lives matter, defund the police, blah blah fucking blah. Protest to get the vaccine for gods sake the rest is distractions, propaganda, and the agenda of those that want you all to be “a good boy”

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The key word is here. Look up American college Covid party. 

Your leader is not speaking out of both holes. In WWII my father was in the OSS.  He had terrible nightmares about what he saw. He hated everyone and drank himself into his grave. 

I will not share what he told me.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
There is a great deal of people deserving of that award. I really hope you’ve sparked a fatty.

I looked it up frat parties haven’t changed. Ugly girl competition blah blah what’s changed. Also searched deaths associated in the age group. Yeah a 30 year old.

30 year old at a frat party? Ok 30 year old at a frat party specifically advertised as a covid party. Ok. We really going to miss that one?

My leader? Oh sorry yeah I am in Russia therefore I must love.... Wtf is everyone in yank land a pussy grabbing t word supporter?

Sorry I guess my efforts to inform has fallen on the Tribbles,sporting T-shirt’s that support criminals and criminal activity.

Next your going tell me that American Forces tore down the gates of Auschwitz and freed the prisoners.

My leader is in Canada and he is still the same half wit tard as he was sucking on his mommy’s..., but nice hair. Again not a political post. It is a use....

Ah forget it.

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thread all clean

hey look what i found

"Pig farmers in China are being infected by a new, virulent strain of influenza A that they contracted from their swine, said a speaker at an Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) news conference last week.
About 15% of Chinese pig farmers have tested positive for antibodies to the new disease, said Leonard Mermel, DO, professor of medicine at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and medical director of the Department of Epidemiology and Infection Control at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence.
"Unfortunately, this influenza strain has all the attributes to cause a pandemic," he said. "It's easily taken up by human cells. It can be spread in an animal model — ferret to ferret through respiratory secretions. The ferrets that get infected have worse outcomes than seasonal influenza.

This unique strain, he added, "is more virulent and more infectious and has worse outcomes than human influenza A."

According to a study in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science, pigs in China are increasingly becoming infected with an influenza virus dubbed G4. The virus is said to be a hybrid of strains found in European and Asian birds: the H1N1 strain that caused the 2009 pandemic, and a North American H1N1 strain that has genes from avian, human, and pig influenza viruses. The PNAS study states that 10.4% of "swine workers" had tested positive for G4."
H1N1 II and Swine Flu II. (No lockdown or masks for the originals.)
Just like late 70's Hollywood teenage slasher horror movies that just kept going ...
Freddy meets Jason.
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