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Wuhan Flu
As said before 'fiberglass' resin is PolyEster resin, and is likely the better choice for the task at hand. despite Epoxy being superior in many ways.

However, Neither resin will bond to cured sikaflex, and the sikaflex, while great product, is not going to seep into teh engreain of the plywood you will likely use to fill the hole in the roof..

i recommend not using the sikaflex to attach the board to the hole in the roof, but use the PE resin itself.

If you have a belt sander that captures the dust, collect a large volume of clean wood dust( no plywood edges!) using it, and mix that into the resin until it is near peanut butter consistency.

There is obviously much more to it than this, and I could write another novella on what I believe to be the best long term way to have a permanent repair you never have to think about again, but will be more work now, but much less work when it fails and needs to be redone.

But if you glue the board in with sikaflex, and cover both new wood the sikaflex and existing gelcoat/fiberglass with fiberglass , you will have issues within a year or 3., and redoing this' repair ' at some later date, will be 3x as much work compared to doing it properly the first time.

Your have a loaded gun aimed at your foot. Don't stubbornly pull the trigger.
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just an observation

west coast gets hit first,direct flights from asia,so far not that virulent or deadly

east coast,gets hit a couple weeks later,flights from europe,virulent and deadly

read an article that they have id'd 8-9 mutations of the wuhan but they were so similar it wasnt worth mentioning

me thinks that because some get mild and some dead in a couple days and west coast usa and asian not hit as hard as europe and east coast is because of different strains
USA Today says eight different strains of COVID-10 are circling the globe. (Google that for the article.). And the sooner, the better.

With luck, it will mutate itself out of existence.
A month ago they were saying two different strains and some were alarmed with the rapidity whith which it had mutated in to two strains

Now there's 8 strains?!!

Seems like even if they make a vaccine it will only be somewhat effective against a different strain, like the flu vaccine is only partially effective.
Good luck with that luck method. Rolleyes

Partial protection ,,,,,,is better than NO protection though ! 
I'm in. Wink

Meanwhile I'm wearing my dive mask with a hepa filter on the snorkel !
Stay Tuned

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(04-04-2020, 04:36 AM)rvpopeye Wrote: Good luck with that luck method.
Meanwhile I'm wearing my dive mask with a hepa filter on the snorkel !

I tried a glow in the dark condom. Less wind resistance as I run around the backyard in my housecoat. The glow helps them find me after my forty five seconds of air supply is used up.
...”I am all out of air, I’d be so lost without” glow tip.

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From Naked Gun, Leslie Nielsen and Priscilla Presley in the full body condom safe sex scene.  Protection.
Say good night, Dick.
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