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The Lifetime warrantied Alternator
Earlier in this thread, more than once, I was rude to Gr8ful, I regret it, and I apologize.

Sorry man, I know you were only trying to help.


The Idea of a quality large frame high amp alternator is quite desirable, even if actual application into my engine compartment might not be feasible.
I'm sticking with Dual alternator plan for my van, I already own them after all, but will only begine after I get this 44' Hatteras cabin cruiser's alternator's sorted out.

I'm gonna have to run dual V 3/8" belts on a dual v groove 1/2 inch alternator pulley, and then find out what amperage they start slipping and derate the field current to below that threshold.

Mainesail's excellent writeup on installing alternators is worthy of another clicky.

His modified, vastly improved delco 28SI has a current lead time of 3 weeks, but with the CCW rotation of the alternator its internal fans would be near useless. Clones of this Delco 28SI can be had for as little as 150$.

My Nippon Denso is a clone. it is 10 amp shy of its rating and not too impressive at minimum rpm when hot... but so be it.

I am feeling some anxiety over modifying the Leece(s) to external regulation as the Alternator guru is not big on details. He only told me it was easier than converting a delco 28SI to external, with little additional detail.

The one delco 28sI external conversion write up is well within my skill level.

I've also got to study up on the Balmar mc-614's user manual and Mainsail's write up on programming it.

EWhen i close my eyes I see the backs of alternators. When I sleep I am opening them up its like crossing through the wardrobe into a different lan with all sorts of things that shouldn't be.

Tonight it will likely be pulleys. Pulleys pulleys everywhere.

Can still barely put weight on my bruised heel, and guess who needs a walk, and also refuses to pull me on my skateboard. Need some more of her treats and a long stick
You weren't rude to me so don't worry about it. I just hope you get the balance in the system you're looking for.
"If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so." - Thomas Jefferson
Being able to plug in at my current spot, my  chrysler and before that teh ND clone alternator has not been worked really hard.

The AC compressor bearing, is not going to last forever, so rather than making an idler pulley as a replacement, in will go the ND alternator, or perhaps the Chrysler will go in that location instead.

perhaps a large frame j-180 mount, 320 amp Leece Neville like what i will be installing in the 44' hatteras, could potentially fit where the AC compressor resides, but it is a 400$ alternator, and that is a deal on this Actual Leece Neville alternator.

It is in the mail, for the hatteras, as is 2700$ of Lifeline battery

My own rig's charging system  is more than balanced for my current needs.  Future unknown, but I'd like to have the second  alternator mounted, if not wired up, relatively soon.

Right now my mental energies are focused on the Leece Neville 320 amp alternator and implementing it into the 44' Hatteras in such a manner that a pro marine sparky could look at at it, and be impressed.
I've never seen my DC clampmeter measure anything over 140 amps, and Hopefully next week, it will.

Still stressing converting the leece to external regulation. 
Hopefully I can look back and laugh at being stressed over this.
Bwa ha ha ha ha ha would be more like it.
What you're doing is considered magic/sorcery by some people.
I tend toward the mad scientist image myself......

Your alternator would be out of the way until you decide to use it or ? A good storage spot !
plus you can work on aligning it all up in spare time too
Stay Tuned

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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)
Once I remove the AC compressor, either I have to return it, or  mount the other Alternator, in order to use the already mounted alternator. 3/8" V Belt ( perhaps 2) goes crank---ALT---AC compressor----crank.

Looking to CRANK ALT ALT CRANK  instead.

Crank.. water pump.. power steering pump.. have their own belt and crank pulley groove

Smog pump runs from water pump/ clutch fan pulley

I could easily get away without an alternator driving around here locally.  I don't expect the second alternator to bolt right up easily but don't want to have to drive around for weeks with no alternator while I sort it out/put it off

Once second 50/120 alternator is mounted and aligned precisely, I have more space on my workshop Shelf.

I don't necessarily need to wire it when it is mounted, can put that off.  View it as an oversized idler pulley.

But there could be some extra 2AWg left over from the Hatteras to retask. 4, 5 year old GC-2s AGM's as well

A 120 amp alternator that can barely make 50 amps at idle,  seems so peasly all of a sudden.

Look at this 320 amp behemoth.
[Image: A0014740JB_s.jpg]

Looking forward to having it on my workbench.

Now if I could convert to 10 groove serpentine on my Dodge, and have the 320 amp Leece behemoth mounted above intake manifold, and the peasly 50/120 chrysler.

Then the ND can go back on the shelf.

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