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Some people don’t have a sense of humor. I will stay away.
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated
(01-03-2020, 06:35 AM)fantym1 Wrote: Boys behaving badly:  guys who ball up their fists, leaning forward; spring-loaded in the stupid position I call it, looking like they about to swing ...
in my past life with physical ability i found those types fun to play with,irritate them till they lose their cool and then toy with them as they try to fight you,ahh to be young again

you have prior official firearm experience ? my dilemma,i never liked side arms,i'm a rifle guy,my sks while technically legal fits it to the dreaded assault rifle crap,my .22 with the 30 round clip will get the job done but i guess 30 round clips are evil too,thinking a lever action 30.30 might be kosher enough?
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  • fantym1 (01-03-2020)

10 thousand


10 thousand street fights. I figure a guy needs about 10 thousand street fights to call himself a fighter. I passed that number years ago. And...."

Knock Aroud guys. With a young Vin Diesel.
Great show and very true.

Surprise gets them every time


Yeah I can use the tool

But The Professional. With Jean Leon had the best lines about firearms.

Killing is easy

Learning to love and be loved. "That's the bitch of the bunch." James Galdifoni True Romance.
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  • fantym1 (01-03-2020)
GotSmart: Come out, come out, come out & play
We miss your pithy sa-a-ay,
so come out, come out, come out to play
& don't be scared away ....

BlackTank: .30-30 is solid, dependable for hunting up to medium size deer & such & rounds are available pretty much everywhere, like .22; tinkerable & parts ez to find since it's been around forever. Depends what u using it for - like an adjustable wrench, it will cover a multitude of situations, but may not be the best tool for a particular job.
I stalked & got my 1st deer @ 12 with 1, so it's quite reasonable for younger/elder or small-statured ppl to put meat on the table as well, if that's a consideration
My personal preference was .44 mag as same round fits hand guns as well, has a somewhat flatter trajectory & will knock down boar javelina/feral hogs, elk & black bear, whereas .30-30 can require 2d/3d round, which u might not get the chance for (javelina/feral hogs are freakin fast & bears are big, tough critters).

Hope that helps
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PS: My .44 mag was lever action - it was sweet
2!! Stinkin' Badges
And the road leads ever onward

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