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Cheap Tires kill more people than using cell phones?
I remember when the man from OSHA came to my business and told me my glue container on my box sealer was a hazard. He was driving a Ford Pinto with Firestone 500’s. They replaced those tires with the 721.   Blush
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OSHA always has to find something. I ran a lumberyard & the last visit he spent most of the day & the back door out to the loading warehouse had a fire ext that someones coat probable hung on the inspection tag as it was gone. We had dozens more all up to date & all done on the same date. He used the breakroom to write his report. We were getting ready to remodel & build a new breakroom but 3' from where he set was a 120v 15 amp duplex recept with the coffee maker, microwave, toater & everything else was plugged into via 3 into 1 adapters & no ground fault. I was glad to pay for the missing fire ext tag as he never said a word about the elect nightmare.
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I got a set of those 721's on a '75 Ford Elite new from the factory. Never owned a Firestone since. Remember the exploders (where they got the name?) came from the bad Firestone tires.

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Years ago, I heard one man telling another that the OSHA penalties depended on whether you paid them before or after the inspection. And then he said he never figured out if it was a joke or not.
i bought cheap chinese tires once and they sucked bad,were more plastic than rubber,hard as a rock,no grip and horrible ride

for cheap tires,
see if the tire place has some name brand used ones,craigs list is great,guys buy a new truck and have to get those new factory tires/rim off and replace with fancy ones
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Overloading, hot temperature, low pressure, high pressure, abuse,........all these things can lead to tire failure. Of any tire. 
 I’m convinced that the mild temperatures, no salt, good roads,etc, in the Puget Sound area are much easier on vehicles in general. The only tire failure I had was when I was driving through the hot South. And some people abuse their tires and vehicles.
I'm driving a 2018 Silverado 2500 and the tires it came with are the biggest pieces of junk i've had for tires so far. Three days after owning it I had to bring it back to the dealer for a bumpy ride, both front tires were uneven. They shaved them down and after a few more days I brought it back and made them replace them as it still rode like shit. Now here I am at 18k miles and they all need to be replaced. The truck is still under warranty so I'm going to put up a stink and see if the dealer will replace them. Tires are conveniently excluded in the warranty, big surprise. In hindsight, I should have made them replace all four with a different brand from the beginning. I don't know the exact model off hand, but they are Goodyear tires.

Tires are a fickle bunch, i've gotten 90k out of a cheaper pair of General Grabbers and 50k out of an expensive pair of Michelins. Though my overall best mileage were also on Michelins and they got 102k with a little life still in them. All my driving is relatively the same (an equal mix of highway and not with a little towing here and there) so I can't blame it on the difference in performance over the life of a tire. Next set of tires I'll do a little research, read the reviews and hope I get some good ones.
I’m the certified Queen of Tire Paranoia. I had the classic, cheap, Chinese tires. When I was in Tucson last year, I refused to move until I upgraded the tires. I got Goodyear Endurance. I get my tire pressure checked every time I leave an extended stay place.
So much to worry about when towing. I hate it.
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