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Solar Components in NW WA
My landlord and I have solar, wind, and microhydro energy projects and we have some Canadian Solar 285 and 325 watt panels around for 75cents per watt. And some smaller panels. 120 watt, and I’d need to check what else. Also have random other components; charge controller, inverter, hardware, etc, to make a powerful system for a reasonable cost so contact me if you would like to discuss a energy system. Thanks
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wow , it's starting to sound like you have quite the toy box !
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If you're not going west but near the Indiana/ Michigan line theres a plant that sels tons of panels & has cosmetic blems. I bought 4 320 watt for$50/cash each from the owner so it's legit. He sells on Ebay but this price is cash & carry. I'm sure he has other sizes. I can find the # if anyone wants it just PM me.
This isn't anything against Roadtripp as he has some good prices & I'm sure great products, just trying to help anyone local my way.
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It’s the freight on large panels that adds up especially if bought in small quantity. We bought a couple pallets of panels to save on freight costs. But it’s still $300-$400 per pallet. It’s rare that free shipping is offered on large panels. And they can arrive damaged especially when not palletized.

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