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van living saved my life
Camm- My first TT was 16ft Biggest Small P.O.S. that should have never left the pasture I pulled it out of. But my first trip in it I was parked @ and RV park next to a guy in a Huge 40ft Cardinal 5th Wheel TT. And everyone in the park no matter the size or condition treated me with respect,kindness, and were non-judgemental as I did them. Maybe I'm lucky..but I haven't met but one crappy camper person on the road. So basically...for me personally..."I don't give a chit about the's all about the person." ;-)
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I have a experience with vans, RVs, buses, trailers, but haven’t driven them as much as I’d like. After buying and fixing them I did not have much funds left to actually go anywhere. Poor planner I guess but getting wiser. Managed a couple years on the road with a van recently and those first years on the road where hard. Far from relaxing. But I got a taste and want more as it was good introduction to full timing. I have a much clearer picture of what I want for a vehicle and want to achieve. I hope and pray for a few years to relax and simply enjoy being Nomadic and alive. And see the good side of human nature. Have seen the other side and it was not so peachy. My goal is to sow good tidings and goodwill. Put my best foot forward then get the heck out of Dodge if others are not lol. I stopped at the RTR and left after 20 minutes. Something did not feel right for myself and I trust my senses. So perk up and keep plugging folks. Hope your Fall season is going good and as well as can be.
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I hear ya Camm.
I read the judgment against other's all the time over there LOL
but for me when one poster basically told me I had no right to comment on a situation I could barely not understand cause I owned an rv with a sink, shower, toilet and refrig and more luxuries that I shouldn't even bother trying to give any comment. That irked me cause even with an rv and some other stuff someone else might not have in their unit they travel, I also boondock a ton. I conserve. I use public facilities. Sometimes we don't use all of our stuff in the rv but of course the judgement was swift. You got this and that therefore you can't make an informed statement. That just gets under my skin.

People just get one or 2 experiences in personal life then they make a blanket judgement general call on all of it from there on out. Can't leave open any thoughts about how other's easily could be different than their perceptions but I guess that is the way of the world Smile Ain't gonna change. Stuck in the muds over there on that site Smile I am now leaving that site mostly cause I like it a ton better over here LOL Don't get me wrong tho, there are a few great people on that other site and I enjoy their info and kindness. Just some are so BLECK I can't take it anymore HAHA Its all a good thing.
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I have seen that mindset many times during my life out on the road , and working in campgrounds , and the many RVing forums I have participated in.
Often the "complait-ant" has very little experience themselves and then insist they know better cuz they have "all the proper knowledge" (well , they read about it , some even did it for a season.....) !!

My mom has a "saying" 'bout "them"
"Sexual Intellectuals" =Fukkin' Know It Alls don't know squat !

I doubt that attitude ever exists in anything YARC.

YARC You , if you don't think so too.....
Stay Tuned

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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)

YARC that and one day I will say that out loud to someone and watch their expression of WTH does that mean HAHA and I ain't gonna tell them. Let them stew!

You said it Popeye.

Older I get the more tiresome I get of snarky. Very judgemental. Very narrow-minded and close-minded. You see it more and more. I am letting it go more now ya know. I was tight like that in my own little bubble, but now I let things go more open, more free to be yourself, free to do what suits you, what makes you happy.....what makes me happy ain't the only way to live life I learned HAHA So the more of it I read in posts etc. the more disillusioned I get and just want to walk from it. So I do.

whatever tho, it is all good and ya can't change a leopards spots.

Thumbs up to your Momma!!!
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Make other people largely irrelevant is what my landlord seems to do pretty successfully. He is a wizard at it. Me, I’m still the apprentice. Human nature follows humans wherever they go. I’m concerned with so many people taking to the boondocks and camping areas. Thank goodness the West is big. See what happens. 
 I’m attracted to serendipidity. Planning hasn’t been very fruitful. The fruit seems to happen from the unexpected. 
  I was feeling pretty discouraged and grumpy when it got dark and cold again but am accepting it more. Though feeling depressed I’m not heading South. Too many pots on the wet firewood fire again. Changing horses midstream can be be tricky also. 
 May have to buy a one-way ticket to Hawaii soon and park the RV project for the Winter. But still a chance to drive South. 
 Happy camping
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