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4x4 Van found on CL in Maine
While I think the price is a tad (way) bit high, it's definitely fun to look at and hear it's story.  

1985 4x4 Ford E-350  Diesel  $21,500

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  • rvpopeye (10-03-2019), heron (10-04-2019)
tad high? LOL

cool tho
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I drove Econolines for 20 years and would have done about anything to have a true 4x4 van. Now that I am out here I realize that outside of snow I don't really need it. The only time I have used it was to go places I really should not have and to use the 4x4 low to maneuver the trailer on blocks. A 1 ton van with a rear locker will do me as good.
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  • heron (10-05-2019)
I bought my '93 E350 Ambo last year with 80,000 actual, no rust, 7.3 IDI diesel (the 6.9 have issues) new tires & batteries, Horton ambo box, front & reat heat & air,250 amp altonater, everything works & drives like new, meticulasly maintained with records as it was the 2nd unit for a small firehouse for $2000. It has posi & I don't need 4wd eith & will install a locker also if needed but I doubt it. The '93 was the last full year using the IDI & had some better features than earlier models. I couldn't be happier.
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