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Northern California migration and beyond exploring and vagabonding?
In October after I see family in Oregon I’ll stop briefly at my sublime mining claim in Southern Oregon but then have little idea where I’ll stop. Depending on how cold it is getting I’ll might do a little exploring in N. Cali. One van dweller I chatted with said Willow Creek was a great area to boondock. That’s inland a few miles from Arcata, CA. My limited experience along the coast on Hwy 101 is its tricky to find free camping, parking, etc. But inland I would assume it’s easier to find? I’m a avid naturalist always happy to find a refuge or secluded place. N. CA is huge!! It takes many hours to zig zag through those hills and valleys. In a Motorhome it’s pretty winding on the back roads. Ive only done a couple backroads in those hills and was blown away how steep and winding they got. 
 I’m wondering if I’ll miss Hwy 395 in Eastern Cali and the bounteous camping, open sunny vistas, and pines.  I like the coast but it’s a bit oppressive with the traffic and narrow confines. And in a small Motorhome driving is a challenge. A lot of curves in that highway. And so much is weather dependent. 
 Then there’s the Interstate 5 option.  Driving a old rig I’m not familiar with or trusting I’m tempted to take the straightest route with most services. And simply get down to warmth ASAP lol. Then find a spot to hunker down for a while and tinker with the systems.  I don’t even know if the heater works yet lol. Any ideas welcome?? In some ways it would be great to convoy south with a group but I’ll likely wing it as usual 
 Cheers and hope the transition from Summer to Fall goes good.
On the heater.... flip her on and see if she works . Might have to clean out the lines. Spiders love them
Check your heater before you need it.

Last month I toured Oregon and Washington. With the tranny being rebuilt twice the month before that, I was dubious about traveling south alone. Not that I would expect a caravan to help, it's just comforting to know you aren't waiting at the side of the road alone. I had already spent 3 weeks on the side of the road waiting for a mobile mechanic, tinkering with it myself, and last time a tow truck for a 27' rig. Yeah, a buddy could have laughed (with me) at my foul language, lightened the emotional overload I experienced when the tow truck screwed up my brake system I had done the month prior to the first tranny issue and brought me carry-out when I was locked into the tranny shop rear lot for the weekend. So - my advice is to take it slow, enjoy the sights and expect the unexpected then make lemonade. :-) I know not much help but I'm taking a breather from worry and parked us in an RV park for this month.

kick on the heater - see if it works and hit the road - slowly give your rig lots of rests
Oh yeah - I opted for the backroads from Oregon, Nevada and on into Arizona
Smile, laugh, it's free and makes others wonder what you are up too
I know I'm too late for your trip, Roadtrip, but just in case anyone else looks here for travel info...

On the west side of N. Cali, avoid State Route 36 from Ferndale (I-101) to Redding (I-5) -- 165 miles if you anticipate ANY possible vehicle problems/breakdowns, lots of curves and up/downs. The one time I drove it, I thought I would never get to Redding... EVER. It was also the only time I've ever overheated a clutch, constantly changing gears. If there were any businesses, I never saw them. Break down there, and it may be years before they find your body.
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Yes, unless you want to just park for the night and then LEO will be knocking. 

Just tell them that you are too tired to drive and you will be fine for the night. The locals are friendly and extremely helpful. 

I have some fantastic pictures of parking spots.
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(12-12-2019, 10:42 PM)CatPerson Wrote: Break down there, and it may be years before they find your body.

Good to know when I want to take a last walk to nowhere.
(12-13-2019, 09:46 PM)Wayne49 Wrote:
(12-12-2019, 10:42 PM)CatPerson Wrote: Break down there, and it may be years before they find your body.

Good to know when I want to take a last walk to nowhere.

Hmmm wouldn’t be my choice. Santa Monica Pier. Now that would be a nice last drive to nowhere. I remember being a kid and cars on it. Not anymore...but should be empty enough at 3am that the noise of the suspension being torn out of the Ferrari at 220 as it clears the barrier would send them to safety. Then just a few fiery yards to the end.

With a large endowment set in place to cover the clean up and trash removal.

Live YouTube should do it...

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