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Heat reduction through windows.
Roaming Kat had a clear UV / IR tint added to her front windshield, but I've not seen her post here in a while.
She said it made a significant difference in heat, and I believe it. I wonder if looking at it or though it with polarized sunglasses caused the 'rainbow effect'

i see lots of high end cars with heated windshields, if I look at them with polarized sunglasses they look pinkish but without glasses they are clear.

I ordered the larger roll of the 'Jahoot ' static cling mirror tint and peeled off the too short piece on my rear conversion van window on drivers side and redid it.

One interesting result is that I added a second small layer in the middle, right where my center blackout panel resides, and then busted out the IR gun.

The bed plywood receiving direct sunlight though one layer of the Jahoot was 91.5 F, the part receiving direct sunlight through two layers of jahoot was 89.5f.
But if I placed IR gun directly upto the jahoot, the area with 2 layers was 2 degrees hotter than the adjacent area with one layer. I put some masking tape on each as the IR gun does not work properly on reflective surfaces, and the result was the same, the glass with two layers of 'Jahoot' was hotter than that with just one.

The 'too short' piece I removed, I added to a door pop out window and there is now 3 layers of tint there, one limo tint and two of 'jahoot' atop it. It is basically impossible to see into the van through it in daytime, even across the van to the other not black out panelled window.

But two layers of 'Jahoot' might radiate more heat from the window itself to the interior than just one. I am not understanding the physics of that, yet, but it is hard to argue with actual measurements.

I also 'jahooted' my center smoked glass conversion van window and have a good portion of the roll left over.

I might do an ~ 6 inch strip at the top of my windshield. I have some extremely degraded now purple and cloudy Limo tint up there from 2001 or so, poorly done, in three pieces. Not sure the legalities of narrow mirror like tint strips on the top of the window, but if I get pulled over I can rip it down in two seconds and make the cop think they are hallucinating.

Amazon has been sending me links to similar products as the 'jahoot'. These products are the same dimensions, but 2x the price. perhaps they have better clarity, Perhaps they are the same dang product with a different name and price tag.

I wont be the one to figure this question out though.

I am extremely happy with the heat reduction on those windows on which this product is applied. The clarity is far from perfect, but not an issue, its not like I intend on taking pictures through it. I should be able to turn down the speed on my fans to keep the same internal temperatures with this stuff on the windows, even with my insulated black out panels in place atop it.

now I want to see if the non mirrored jahoot, just the black stuff, attenuates the wifi signal as much as the reflective stuff so obviously does. Those back windows that these letters will pass through when i click 'post reply' can still be seen through more than I like, and perhaps i can reduce the heat coming through those too and gain some more privacy.

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