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The Foxtail and the Hound
Thanks all.

Her footie healed so much overnight it is impressive, and she seemed extra goofy,  snuggly and vocal this morning.

I am going to take another sweep at the areas she might consider roaming where the foxtails are most prevalent, and I will also tightly trim the hair inbetween her paw pads and toes.  I am her groomer, and her hair is very hard to clip as it is so soft the clippers push it out of the way.  A full hair cut is no less than 4 hours, and she is a sheepdog and it grows fast.

She did not pick at the child's sock I was using to keep it clean, which remained in place fairly well too. Some ducttape on the bottom kept it from picking up moisture or debris and I shortened a hair tie band to help retain it, but not so tight as to come close to cutting offf circulation.  Not sure how 4 booties will go over however.  I am just going to trim the fur shorter and step up inspections.

Her ears are fur factories, and she has had ear issues on and off her whole life.   i check these more often, and have found a few foxtails just beginning their journey inside over the years.

 I have started pulling some ear hair  out with my fingers recently, but previous I was using my nose hair trimmer.  A product called trizchlor is like a flush and she will let me use cotton swabs to clean all the excess wax out which it seems we are both prone to. it itches badly when in need of removal.

 When the head shaking itchies get bad a product called Panalog getting deep in there has always been effective.
She is a high maintenance animal, being a pure bred Polish lowland sheepdog.

She is prone to itchiness, and some part of this is no doubt nervious nellie anxiety based scatching, part of it is allergies or skin issues.  Fleas are not an issue, rarely have I found them and I often will go over her with a flea comb after a regular brushing and never see any.
 Taking her in the Pacfic has greatly helped her skin issues, especially when i can brush her still wet salty fur. Its also strange in that if ocean wet, she does not smell like a wet dog, but fresh water wet and she does.
 She does not particularly enjoy the legal dog beaches, and I got a warning at another beach she is allowed to be upon, but only leashed at all times.  I had her off, in the waters edge chasing her ball in the breakers  and the self important state park cop was complaining that she could go off and chase some endangered bird.  All she really cares about is the tennis ball in such a situation.
The fine for having her on the beach is some 350$ and possibly another 250 tacked on that, so I have been reluctant to take that risk as they don't give a second warning.
Another beach I prefer that is usually unregulated nearer sunset, has had so many people thinking it is OK to let their dogs on the beach they have begun enforcing the law there.  Used to be at sundown nobody much cared and was rare to have any enforcement.  I am very much looking forward to the end of summer.
She is bugging me now to get off the laptop.
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(SW- duct tape, or "dog tape" as we call it in our house, makes an excellent Safe sock retainer. Wrap it around, usually a half roll width is perfect, on the sock- not fur. Pull it snug but not TIGHT. Once around and enough to go another 1/3 way round- and it will keep things in place with no risk of cutting off blood flow. As someone who has been through 3 major foot injuries with my, high drive kids, is what our vet recommended. )
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The tape around the sock was next up, if the modified hair tie proved inadequate.

You should check out Gaff or gaffer's tape. Its adhesive and cloth backing can be significantly stronger than ducttape and the same piece can be reused many times. It is also far less likely to leave behind residue when removed.

Duct tape is likely more water proof. i was using that on the sock bootie where her pads would touch the ground to keep the sock from wicking up bacteria laden moisture.

I think I am going to trim her today. We went for our regular 2.5 mile walk, and she needed to stop in the shade and pant more than once in 80f temps on the way back, where I was still far from overheating, and I get overheated pretty easily. I also need to get a collapsible dog bowl for these walks in hotter temps, as cuppping a single hand at a water fountain is time consuming.
We shaved our border collies each summer, they looked funny but they loved it! They’d frisk around like puppies afterward. Big Grin
Fiona is definitely happier with shorter hair. This last winter in Florida, when there was a cold spell, like into the high 30's at night, and her hair was still a perhaps 2 inches long, she'd love to sit outside, seemingly completely immune to the cold.

When i do shorten her hair she is far more likely to sleep on the bed with me. When it is long she prefers the cold floor at the base of my bed. She also loves putting her snout or butt right upto my intake fans next to where I keep my head on my bed.

Am charging my clipper's lithium batteries now. soon to be a fur storm.. Don;t be alarmed if it shows up on radar.
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You sound like a great dad, Fiona is lucky to have you. And she is a doll!

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