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How much financial risk are you willing to live with?
Hey Camilla:
Thanks Queen. It’s where I keep getting stuck. Queen bed and no counterspace. They try to trick you by covering the stove and sink to make it look like you have some. I think that one has about a foot and a half of continuous counter.
Sure makes it harder to live in, I honestly think they design them only for weekenders. Add to that the cost, while that might be considered a decent-ish price for a diesel Newmar, it’s still a lot of money for an older rig. That’s what keeps stopping us in our tracks, too much money up front with no assurance we won’t go broke maintaining it.
I'm down to about zero cash and I don't much like the feeling. I was in very good shape for a 32 year old, but getting severely disabled was never part of the plan at 32. So being out of work for 6 years hasn't helped the bank account. I am lucky that my house was bought as a flip and now almost fully remodeled and real estate values have doubled in this area on top. So I'm house rich/cash poor so to speak. Which does leave me some options and i'm hoping to be able to return to work in another year or so to start rebuilding some of the savings.
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Not much I guess. Worked hard and saved for our golden years. Kinda in that spot of not having enough to take care of my wife and having the government do it. If I were to spend the money to put her in a old folks home, I would be broke way too soon and between both our SS and my pension, still too much for medicaid. Nothing works out as planned.

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Tyson said it well. "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." Life often punches us right in the cookies and then facial uppercut. Stress is the real killer. Tip a drink and focus on tomorrow and enjoy the moment you're in. It is a struggle at times but finding the positive is easier than creating the negative and worrying about it.

I retired with PTSD and nothing else. After 6 years I have most of it left! Except the PTSD I lost that a few years ago.

Live and love peeps.
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financials are a pain in the azz to the max LOL
Scott I love that saying, everyone has a plan til they get punched in the face.
Life has a way of nailing all of us in some form. I so get that!

Plus prices are still rising. Old days you were 20d to death, now you are 100d to death, heck more like 200d to death on smaller things. yikes
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(08-05-2019, 12:01 AM)Scott7022 Wrote: Tyson said it well. "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." 

    One of my favorite quotes.   That's why we all must learn to roll with the punches.  They never stop coming.
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  • heron (08-05-2019)
All my life the goal was to never run out of food before the next payday. 

I made a lot of money for my employer. I don’t feel the least bit guilty about the size of my disability check. I invested a lot of money into what was called SSDI. That gives me enough to survive well on. I wish I was able to buy property when I was younger. Instead I raised a family. That choice is one I can never regret.  Cool
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