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Living with Lyme and Babesia
I hope the drug or something helped. Do you have an update?
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  • heron (09-08-2019), Everyroadleadshome (09-09-2019)
(09-07-2019, 10:37 PM)Roadtripp Wrote: I hope the drug or something helped. Do you have an update?

It definitely appears to be helping/working.  I've been off all my antibiotics for the same amount of time and the other times ive stopped my antibiotics this long my pain gets much much worse.  The last three days i've woken up almost virtually pain free,  it's surreal.  

I haven't looked for it yet, but I told my Uncle about it, a retired surgeon who nay says anything not scientifically backed, in fact he said i was crazy for trying.  But I guess he got curious and looked into it and said there are a few studies of it being used on HIV positive patients and the results are also looking very positive, so I need to research that a bit.  

I'll update in another month and am feeling very good about it.
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  • heron (09-09-2019)
Really happy to hear this, Matt, here’s hoping the success keeps rolling along.
Whew Matt!!! That’s great. Be sure to remind me to check the Mexico prices

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