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In Surgery
I would think any gas Onan 4000 would fit but I guess I am!

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They'll have the right one or should be able to modify for one if a little off...

Nasty Stuff Oxy....
A friend just lost a brother to an oxy od.last year.
Good to hear you are below that kind of pain already.
Hope this is just a memory soon.
The whole thing , not just this OP.
Stay Tuned

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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)
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  • heron (08-07-2019)
Hey Cammy, sorry you have been through all this, pain sucks big time, but just think of how much more you’ll be able to do. Hope you continue to heal. Bella sends her

Ps Text me if you decide to sell the RV.

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We are going to sell it as soon as we find another. I’d hate to trade it in as it’s all set up for boondocking. Do u know someone looking?
any chance to get out and about and look at some new rigs?
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We are busy as hell here with physical therapy three times a week and a myriad of other obstacles. I’m looking on line
I might be!

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  • heron (08-14-2019)
My old rig is for sale.
New health update. 

I have been waiting a week for the results of my “liver and onions “ biopsy. 

I now have a real doctor taking care of my diabetes.  Angry  Now I have to take a shot once a week. My numbers are around 100 constantly for the first time in years. Once they figure out what is wrong with my magical blood vessels (they grow in strange places) I can get my back worked on. 

Meanwhile I am using a lidocaine patch every day. I have stopped using THC and CBD as the pain is greater than it ever was. I have to keep busy as when I stop moving is when the pain becomes unbearable. 

I hope that we can head towards YARC camp in a couple weeks.
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two weeks will be too late I am afraid. Spot #1 will be gone by then.

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