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In Surgery
Gel pack = freezer zip bag full of Dawn
Or, if you have a food sealer, rubbing alcohol mixed with a third water... makes a nice gel pack.
(08-02-2019, 10:29 AM)Queen Wrote: Or, if you have a food sealer, rubbing alcohol mixed with a third water... makes a nice gel pack.
Use vodka and add a little mint then when it is almost unfrozen pop in a straw and drink the mixture for more pain relief. Dual purpose everything.
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I vote for the vodka one Smile Smile
Queen thanks. That looks like it will work really well and I ordered it. Will be here by the 6th.

John bought a couple of freezer packs at Walmart yesterday and they should be ready for me to start icing today.

My surgeon is great. He’s the one that gets all the patients that other doctors have messed up. People come from all over for him and he keeps a waiting list.

I already have full range of motion which is unheard of as my surgery was 4 days ago. I just have to work thru this ugly pain and swelling and build muscle. He had to cut tendons and muscle for repairs so it wasn’t just a regular replacement and these things take time to heal.

Yesterday I managed to get in the car to go to PT. It’s only a few miles but less than halfway there I was yelling in pain. Felt like my leg was going to blow up. John dropped me at PT and as soon as I could get on a table and get the leg up the pain started decreasing. He went back to the house and brought the RV to retrieve me.

Since I guess I’ll be riding in the RV for a while unless we can work out something to get my leg up in the car we have to replace the generator. It’s just way too hot.

Unfortunately we don’t have the info on the old one that we tossed so it’s going to be tricky.

Pain meds dope me up but I don’t really think they do much for pain.

Scott, I have some mint growing at the pond... I don’t think I can gag down vodka however. Margaritas would be ok though!
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Camilla, I’m so sorry about all the pain, it does suck. A tip on the icing, none of this namby pamby 20 minute stuff, ice for a full 40-45 minutes at a time. I was icing four times a day and it was a huge help with the pain and swelling.
Oh, what a pain to have to use the rv! Hope that situation doesn't last too long. OTOH, it gives you an excuse to get the genny done. And to drink Margaritas. Silver lining found! Hang in.

Oh, just thought! You could trade cars with Arturo, and since it's close, you could just ride in the back of the pickup! Except you'd have to get up in there, and that would probably be a bitch. Nevermind.

Here's to having all this over with!
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I don't know what to say. Hang in there. The results will be worth it in the end.

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If you find the gel packs do not stay cold long enough reactor.joint, the ice water circulaion machines will pump cold water for upto 5 hours.

Note.that tbat is not the exact.model my dadused. Just the least expensive longevity.

Full range.of.motion already is incredible. Car rides or sitting without elevating it would.have my dad uncomfortable.quick.
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Camilla, here’s a trick a physical therapist told me.
Get some Dixie cups and full them 3/4 full of water. Place them in the freezer. When your ready to ice, take out a frozen cup of water, tear off just enough to leave some ice exposed. Now, rub the ice on your knee. Rub it, keep the motion going. It’ll start hurting, but keep rubbing until you can’t feel anything.
It’s like a ice deep massage. Sure takes pain away!
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