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Another... 1991 Coachman...
Inexpensive, needs a lot of work. Runs very well, low miles for the age and very close to me... but..... Look at the pics and tell me if you would run from this rust, please. Inside would need to be gutted. No generator. But it runs great. Rust and interior makes me pause. Lots of work...[Image: 77af31930c0483abfca9627b49d7f1d7.jpg][Image: 7b405ac6ec29d91972407368800f8591.jpg][Image: 09cf36cad0de6629f745985cd82ebab7.jpg]

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I would probably say no to that one.
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devils advocate says thats only cosmetic but strong odds that the structural is just as bad,i would only buy for the drive train
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You weren't very clear about what chassis this thing is built on.  Is it a van?  If it's a Chevy van I believe that year DOES NOT HAVE A FRAME.  If it has a frame the body is bolted to you might have something to work with, but if it's unibody like a Dodge I'd pass.  If you don't know the difference find someone who does.  30 years ago I bought a low mileage wrecked Chevy van thinking it had a frame and I could just get another frame to roll under it.  Well I wasted a lot of money but learned not to mess with things I just thought I knew about.  Sometimes you just can't afford a good deal.

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