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A different type of camping
(10-29-2019, 09:32 AM)Roadtripp Wrote: That might be a ok deal for someone who wants or needs full hookups. I wouldn’t use them enough to make it worthwhile working 20-26 hours per week. My needs are very small. 
 It’s tricky finding part time work or barter. I found one parking site to live on a island for 5 hours work per week, no hook ups ( electric available but don’t need it in Summer), and only 6 month Summer residency allowed. But I can store my Motorhome in place overwinter while away for free. So I’m thinking of leaving the Motorhome on the island and using a van on the mainland during Winter. I prefer driving a smaller vehicle anyway. I bought the big Motorhome when in a hurry under duress. I would not buy one that big again. 
 The big problem with this plan is WHY? I don’t want to be tied down anywhere for 6 months. There’s a lot of places to see and go in the Summer. I want to roam lol. Making a income as a digital nomad makes more sense. But I don’t know who might hire me? Does anyone know who might hire me? Thanks
I always wondered if there was a possibility for someone that would be willing to take pictures from people who had things to sell...Then post the ads and keep up with all the potential customers that may call or email. Kinda like a online consignment place. Idk if I am making sense. Example: I have a some factory used wiring harnesses for a Ford E350 7.3 diesel engine. I don't have time to answer emails, texts, calls from people. But would ship it to whoever buys it. I would let someone have a percentage of the sale to deal with all the bullshit and keep my ad current.  Maybe there is people doing this. But if so ..Idk anything about it. Wouldn't that "broker/sales person" be able to have an internet phone # kind of like Uber uses for their drivers? What say you?
Ive considered starting a ebay consignment store. Maybe out of my cargo trailer. Or a shipping container maybe.   I had a lot of eBay listings for a few years with a 100% score. I wouldn’t have called it a “ebay store” but that was the next step if I had continued. 
   Shipping was a pain. I neglected to perfect the shipping methods so I paid a lot for shipping. And spent a lot of time shipping inefficiently. Spending hours driving around town looking for the right box and packing materials is inefficient. I dont know if it would be worth it for low value low profit items. And high value items were a worry. Several items vanished in shipping never to be seen again. It’s difficult and time consuming to collect insurance. The usps priority mail insurance seemed like a frustrating joke. No one replied to my emails. 
  Maybe a shipping container near Quartzsite would be a good spot to do a ebay consignment store? I would be there by appointment to meet local customers. People consigning it’s would need to sign a waiver admonishing me of all responsibility for items that get lost or are defective. Or that don’t sell or are abandoned. After a certain time period, perhaps 6 months, abandoned items can be disposed of or auctioned.
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RT, The items I got are like $100-$200 on ebay for sale. But I just want to get about $25 each. Leaving plenty on top for the person that would be doing the work. Of course the gamble is not knowing how long it would take to sell.

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