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Another quilt finished a couple days ago
My sis and Mom have a couple living across the street from them with a poor little sick baby. The baby is fed thru a tube down his nose and at 4 months old is only 7 pounds.

I don’t know them or what’s wrong with the baby but I made him this quilt. I’m not all that pleased with the colors but I guess I won’t be pleased with lots of quilts I will make.

It has little animal blocks with written words what the animal would “say “. The outside sashing is monkeys.

I used thinsulate as batting. It makes a quilt much warmer than the standard quilts and I like how it sews too.

[Image: e88d806e996010c25fc126a68157ef0d.jpg]l
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That was very kind of you!  It looks cute.
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Beautiful quilt. I'm planning to use thinsulate in my van curtains.
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You can hold a piece of it and really feel the warmth of it. Pretty cool stuff and sews very well. I bought mine on Amazon at $7.99 a yard or there abouts.
I like the quilt. The kid won’t care what his blankets looks like.
How are you planning to hold the curtains in the window?
That is another cool quilt.
The most impressive thing is you matched up all of the sounds with the correct animal.
Who'd of thunk it? ;-)
Smartass joker
That quilt has legs.
Beautiful quilt! Quilt making takes talent.
One Stinkin Badge!
(07-10-2019, 09:36 AM)waldenbound Wrote: Beautiful quilt! Quilt making takes talent.

And patience.

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