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Shingles shot (Shingrix) side effects
[Image: 65844089_10217143701336036_1232859629193...e=5DB7B82D]
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  • Blanch (07-07-2019)
oh hell ya that is the sheeple not willing to do any changes to their lives and go with pills vs. a healthy lifestyle....I so get that and agree with that pic!!!
I reversed my type two diabetes with diet and health changes. My doctor never made a single recommendation on changes, just prescribed pills. I saw a documentary on health that talked about the changes needed to reverse diabetes and tried to. It truly worked!

Big Pharma sucks!

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  • Queen (07-07-2019)
So true, Blanch. I’m not diabetic but was super fat, my doc said “you should eat less and exercise more”, my reply was “wow, I never thought of that, I guess swimming miles every week and never consuming more that 1200 calories a day is a poor effort”. Very glad to have learned a better way before she tried slapping me on to a bunch of drugs.
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  • Blanch (07-07-2019)
i remember my older sister getting chickenpox when i was about 7, and my parents telling me to stay near her so i to could get it and get it out of the way at a young age. I recall doing the opposite, but in the same household i suspect not getting it would be quite difficult to achieve, so perhaps i am naturally immune.

I have asked friends who have kids to notify me if their kids come down with it so I can avoid them entirely.

My sister seems to think for everything that ails you there, is a pill to fix it. She's like a walking pharmacy. I take nothing but asperin occassionally , and melatonoin as it actually works to help me fall asleep. i tend to have more bizarre dreams, or at least I can more easily remember them when taking melatonin, yet everybody else in my family is addicted to Ambien or its generic, and almost no other sleep aid works in the slightest for them.

Still try to avoid taking any pills, unless absolutely required.
it takes an act of congress to get me to take a pill Smile

only thing I survive on is allergy meds cause if I don't take some I suffer big time.

Blanch my MIL was like that. Dr said eat right and drop sugar in her menu and no pills for diabetes starting. She didn't listen one bit.....pills then he warned her again shots were next. She is on shots now ALL CAUSE she won't cut the sugar in her life. Drives me nuts people do this to she is now having circulatory troubles in her legs, she is almost 80 now, she is not in for good times coming from the sugar rotting her insides. ugh
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  • Blanch (07-08-2019)
The home electrician I hired a couple years ago had a life threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. He got his shingles shot at the local CVS. On his drive home he thought he was having a heart attack, drove to the ER. All agreed it could not be a reaction to the shot. Long story, he ended up in Cleveland Clinic for 6 weeks and damn near died. Yes, he is one in .... well we don't know yet how many have issues. 

Quote from a TV sitcom, "Last month my company both invented and cured restless eye syndrome". <this

Modern pharma will create pills and serum concoctions only if the profit margin makes shareholders happy. You will be healthy and/or live long if you choose and can afford it. Don't get me wrong I have visited those folks that wanted to buy a cure and many succeeded. Are they better off with their choice, in their mind, yes. Still, some do not like living that cure.

Doc's can an will find you a specialists that will tackle anything you bring to them and that isn't a bad thing. So, although 1 in 3 may get shingles, I'll pass on the shots. Same with the colon probe and the annual flu shot. 
damn get a bigger font on that type!!! what pill can I take to make my eyes read that small font easier?

So agree, I ain't taking any shots for anything. I will take my chances out in life on some med situations.

heck all the meds being offered on tv......truly truly and honestly....the side effects are WORSE then what you are taking the pill for to correct.
I love when I hear only a FEW fatalities occurred during testing....omg

hey some meds we are gonna have to take to make our lives better for 'real med' reasons and such out there. This is all a good thing to me Smile

but drugs for preventable things? ugh. crazy.
Roamer come live next to me and make sure I’m not slipping. I think I might starve to death though b
Camm ya mean how to ditch the carbs and get that sugar out of your system?

easy peasy

eat like 6 eggs any way ya like then a lb of bacon and let me tell won't be hungry for a long time in the day and then when ya get hungry......have a nice ribeye steak on the grill and some good non-starch veggies with that and boom, you are stuffed again and don't want any more food Smile

I am a zero carb eater actually.
I eat only meat/cheese and eggs/little dairy. Very rare I might go into some nice garlic butter mushrooms on my steak. Or a few nice asparagus spears with my pork chops.

sugar. bleck. worst darn thing the body does not want.
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  • S Cello (07-09-2019)

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