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My niece sent this to me last night
[Image: bfb66628fbb21fd917b935f7ce6f1e4a.jpg]

She told me to look at my back window. I love seeing the deer
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Ahhh, nice pic and those pesky coons you feeding there at a pan Smile I see ya left them a soda with a straw also HA
I labeled that "CAM CAMP"
Stay Tuned

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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)

There's nothing like sleeping in the graveyard ;-)
Smile, laugh, it's free and makes others wonder what you are up too
I have a few deer that stroll through the back of my property every night.  They wait til it's dark.  They're very smart,  there is a few hundred acres behind me that is heavily hunted...with no success.  Every year I run into people hunting it saying there are no deer left in these woods.  I just laugh,  I see a half a dozen every night and have had up to 8 or 9 in one game camera picture.  A few big bucks too.  I'm by no means against hunting, but I keep the info to myself.  Let these deer win one.

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We just have two legged varmints looking for something they can steal.
dear are a nuisance here,see them broad daylight,well the ones without horns
Saw one casually walking through Happy Camp a few days ago.

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