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Underwater video

This 3d Printed turbucled high aspect ratio fin is not my design, but I played a part in its refinement and internal structure so that it is strong enough to resist what can be rather extreme lateral loads.  Lots of carbon fiber bars support those loads and the mounting method within the standardized fin box.  I'd broken about a dozen of them showing pictures of where they broke, when they broke, what I was doing when they broke and offered suggestions for improvement.  I also helped refine how thick or thin the fins are and top what degree surface roughness plays in actual perceivable drag.

Basically the thicker fins respond quicker and turn better, but the thinner fins can flex more, extract some more energy from within the wave, and offer less drag when not turning. They've got a turbo mode that this surfboard was never designed for, but I absolutely love the new places and maneuvers this fin allows over the traditional designs.
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Just a bit more awesome than last time !
THX for the view "Master of SURF " !
Stay Tuned

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To the second part of your post - how exciting! And I love that you want to share some of the ocean with folks who might otherwise never see it. I truly wish when I was diving all over the place, I’d been able to take videos back in the 70’s, I want to remember all the reefs in their former glory.

As to the first part - you nailed beach vacationer behavior. Living at the beach in Florida was a front row seat to some of the most obnoxious and entitled behavior humans can exhibit.
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Love the video!

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These are wonderful, Stern. Sorry about the damn vacationers. So many people think that being free from home and work frees them from any responsibility to other human beings, as well. Grew up on Cape Cod, and we basically never left our village between the end of school and Labor Day.
If we had to drive, we didn't go, pretty much. We were lucky, because we were just a bit off the beaten track, and while we had to deal with Summer People, the tourists didn't stop, much, and, of course, as kids, we had the best places for building things and launching leaky old skiffs all scoped out. Not so much, any more, I guess. Hope your Fall is better and better.
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