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Power tools and logic (yeah, sure)
You can get a cheap gas weed eater, or hire someone to just hit the edges every two weeks. That might be $20 or so each time.
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I can't sell the place with weeds that high.  Doing the edges won't work -- summer is very soon, and I live 3 miles from a rez that sells illegal fireworks.  The psycho firebugs set them off about 2 a.m.

But the cheap gas one is probably my best bet, if it will work on that tough oat grass.

Thanks for all the info and advice, guys!
After you get it edged, (or before) you can apply some 'liquid edger' goes by a variety of names and brands:





They are usually a mixture of glyphosate and imazapyr...

Mix and then spray the stuff along the fence lines, curbs, sidewalks, driveway cracks, where ever you want to kill off the weeds.

(yes, follow label directions!)

The stuff works.
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We drink the local water here . I don't use herbicides.
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Well OK....if ya wanna be picky about the water...

Wondering about Wandering.

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