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Desert Center
I have seen a huge moose jump 10' up and 6' over to a cliff.
Dinosaurs "might" have had that skill too ????????
Stay Tuned

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What does one really know about dinosaur muscles? It would have taken strong muscles to leap that huge body anywhere.
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[Image: 50f4496267612b1264e859f2ca5a6d91.jpg]
[Image: 5b9debaf4719442e7819567087f418f3.jpg]
[Image: 3bd3e8096d7ba1c825b1af837f5e96c9.jpg]
[Image: c561874bc90dfa4feeeedd2e6c6e31e5.jpg]
So many abandoned things to be found at Desert Center!
I had a Zenith just like this one, I paid over $300 for it used. Now $300 can get you a 50” tv with hundreds of possible channels. Life has really changed.

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