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Treating snakebite p.s.
Older info on treating snakebite also say to apply a tourniquet. Most people didn't realize that a snakebite tourniquet was much looser than one for blood hemhorraging.
But there are always people who insist on doing it the old way, and by God, nobody is gonna tell 'em different.

Blood runs quickly through arteries and veins, and if the venom is injected directly into into one of them, I've heard death happens in a few minutes.  But snake venom usually moves through the lymph system because the venom molecules are too large to be assimilated into the blood system. DO NOT APPLY A TOURNIQUET AT ALL. In most instances, application of a tourniquet for as little as 20 minutes guarantees amputation of the limb.
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Not sure your source, but for those that need them(me), here's one.
^^^ Big Grin from the link...


The practical recommendation for the treatment of snakebite in a first aid setting is to immobilize the victim, while awaiting the emergency services. However, given the low to very low quality of the data collected, high quality randomized controlled trials concerning the efficacy and feasibility of different variations of the pressure immobilization technique are warranted."

Now this makes everything crystal clear, yep, uh, no, need more low quality data I guess. 
The whole article reads this way, clear as mud. An what ever happened to the suck and spit method anyway?  Dodgy need more data..... Big Grin suppose it is better than the suck and swallow um... nevermind, where's my beer..
Read with the whole article, it's not that murky. It is a science paper. It basically states they couldn't find much difference between victims who used a tourniquet and those who didn't. Practically speaking, the risk of a poorly applied tourniquet wasn't worth the risk.

I'm not sure exactly what they mean by low quality data. I can take an educated guess and imagine they are wishing they could have people get bit in a controlled environment. I could be wrong. I'm not educated and horrible at guessing.

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