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Good Morning!
thanks H
things are going alot better with kiddo so I can breathe easier Smile I am not a drama gal so happy things are looking alot more settled for her at this stage, all we can do is work thru stuff I guess.
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  • heron (09-24-2020)
I am finding it very difficult to be a kid right now at age 70. But I will keep at it despite the numerous setbacks society keeps sending my way.
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  • heron (09-24-2020), Queen (09-24-2020)
Sounds as if you have the patience for it, Roamer. That's the key. My older kids, however... Well, I love 'em, and not all that long from now I'll be out of their hair, which will be better for all concerned. My boy married a brilliant young woman, a writer, lots to love, but the product of our broken foster system, and it's rough. They're the parents of the previously mentioned four year old, also smart as a whip, and prone to all the button pushing a kid that age knows how to do. I worry... Anyway, as regards Maine weather, it was early dismissal day at the kid's school, and I picked her up. As usual, we hit the beach for a picnic, and it was hotter than heck. She ended up nekkid and swimming in the still warm (all things being relative) ocean. I, on the other hand, did not. But we had a very fine time.
Maki2- I'm 73, and get it. Keep at it.
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  • Queen (09-24-2020)
While the biological process must continue. The immaturity can last forever.

I take great comfort from you both. I am 55 this year. Stuff that would take two days to heal now takes two weeks. Years of abuse have things so worn out I can’t physically push them past the pain point, as I used to do, because the apparatus to do so is gone.

“Yes, see here on the MRI: this tendon that allowed you to do that has developed so much scar tissue from being torn it can’t physically stretch in that direction anymore. Didn’t that hurt? I mean when you moved it that way?”

“Yes, every day.”

“But you just kept moving it.”

“Yeah. It’s my right arm. It needs to work.”

“It’s destroyed. You should have had this replaced with a reverse functioning joint when it was injured.”

“Those didn’t exist in 1999.”

“This damage happened in 1999? How the fu.....”

I am morbidly looking forward to the next 20 to see what adaptation is required and medical technologies come our way.

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  • heron (09-24-2020)
I hear you, Scott, my joints (mostly right knee and hip as well as both shoulders) have been terribly damaged over the years. It’s funny when docs ask if a certain motion hurts to perform, I reply “I cannot remember a time when it didn’t”. Now at 60 I’ve made peace with it’s just how it is.
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  • heron (09-24-2020)
Queen over the last few years I got two new knees. They are great. I wish I hadn’t of waited. Now for two new shoulders. I really, really want a whole new spine!!’
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  • Queen (09-24-2020), heron (09-24-2020)
Im so happy for you Camilla! Wish my knee had turned out better, but at least it doesn’t hurt all the time anymore.
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  • heron (09-24-2020)

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