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stars and colors
ok,so gotsmart has helped a lot of people with their electronics so he got a wizard,popeye has lived on the road for decades but already has a peace sign even though he wants every to have pirates
I think my expertise is more in adaptive survival and security. Gunny would hold the other title as artillery is like sniper fire just on a WallMart superstore level. RIP Marine and thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Being the Grey Man or the stealth human is a practiced skill set. Hence why both my books feature such a main character. In van dwelling we mount solar panels to avoid looking like a live in rig if we need to stealth camp. Not much difference.

Surprise is the most important factor on a battlefield. Always. Being grey allows for surprise. Being a work van allows you to disappear in urban environments. Conversely you look like a meth cookhouse in the desert. Being adaptive allows for the camouflage to blend. Think  octopus. Looking like a dangerous person or a threat gets you noticed. Surprise is gone. Being good at adaptive survival is seeing the octopus. The pant line dip suggesting a firearm. The light "printing" as a shirt catches the gun grip. Being an expert allows you to see these like a botanist sees individual species of roses in a rose garden. We just see the roses. It is natural and not difficult for the expert as they are practiced.

Proof without pictures...Both Blanch and Jim have met me in person. I doubt either would say the "danger Will Robinson" alarms went off. Why? Because an overweight, average height,  brown hair guy just isn't the look they associate with someone they should pay attention to. BLEep on the other hand commented; "Scott I don't know about you. You wear hats with Velcro to change badges and roll like a Fed." His unique training had the radar going off. As it should have as in another life we might have been across the table from one another.

So how does this fit into vandwelling?

Be aware of your bias stereotypes. Be aware we all see the world through our own custom designed glasses. Be aware everyone you meet does the same thing and being humans we like for our glasses to be accurate. So if we see what we expect to see and tick the confirmed box then we stop watching the octopus. The other side to this is if you can read what the other person expects,quickly, and adapt your behaviour and/or modality to reflect this expectation then you put them at ease. The fox gets to sleep in the henhouse. If you're dealing with LEO types, cops, this is really effective as they have firmly attached glasses and if you present correctly then easy interaction. For example. If Sternwake gets stopped in his van and presents as a stereotypical California surf dude then the cop has a box to put him in and checks his mental ticky box. If Sternwake presents as the methodical, intelligent person we all know him to be this collides with the stereotypical picture and "FLAGS".

Why do I get hired when my employer could hire a twice as deadly alpha spetznaz for half the money? Don't fall victim to the rhetoric of MSM. Spetnaz are just as capable as any SEAL and slightly more crazy. Because I am the driver, the nanny, the computer geek, the Canadian visiting friend, the whatever octopus. More than that the kids love me, the wife is comfortable,and the neighbours don't pay attention to the tourist. All dogs love me because they smell no fear, and sense no aggression. Intuitively they are curious and pick up on my calm. Without any standard signals, associated with new humans this curiosity is heightened.

Killing isn't really difficult, humans are very fragile and Ill-designed for aggression. As such we have developed, over the centuries into a civilization.  But like Friedrich Nietzsche says it is a learned behaviour and not a real human state. I am not at odds with this, at my core, as Gunny was. This duality of identity causes stress and confusion. How could I do this and then love kittens, children, etc. Understanding our nature and being able to see and understand our nurture is the biggest trick of all.

Guru status for being a killer would be offensive. Being viewed only as such would be equally so. I have done horrible things. I was back in Ireland recently and bumped into an old friend. A priest from many years ago. He asked when was the last time I did confession. I was baptized Catholic. I said when was the last time you and I talked. He chided me that it might be good to lose some weight. I said I was on a diet. He responded that this was not what he meant. I responded.

"Father I appreciate what your saying; it is between God and I as telling you my sins would be a greater sin. I sleep fine, to burden you with the telling would not allow you to sleep"

"Scott you realize I am an old Catholic priest in Belfast right."

"Yes, I do Father."

Some of us are monsters so most of you don't have to be. Or as the Russian proverb goes:
The sheep are always safe and the wolf is always lonely.

I am simply your Bard of old. As skilled with a quill as I am with a weapon. I'd rather see everyone happy an entertained than in pain and misery. By everyone I mean the world. Love and kindness are my guiding principles  but to quote a line from my favourite romance movie True Romance "if you get me in a vendetta kind of mood you can tell the angels in heaven you haven't seen evil so singularly personified as on the face of the man that killed you."
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And THAT'S how it's done.

Great literary and philosophical post .

Def an Overlord .
Stay Tuned

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(What a "Stinkin' " honor !)

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Bard Laureate?
In his own unique Group of one, with its own unique badge?

Thanks Scott.
The octopus analogy is particularly elegant...
Now I want to read your books. Smile
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Scott has a way with words.  

He also has a very disturbing way of putting them together.  Just don’t make him mad. Undecided  

He had a situation happen in one of his stories that occurred in my old “neighborhood “. I was tempted to check the news as the staging was perfect.   Exclamation

No spoilers.
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Thanks John; I always feel good when a local says I painted the picture perfectly.

Kaylee may I suggest Redemptions Bullet as the first book wasn't edited by me and I am not so proud of how it turned out.

Someone may have a file PDF they could share.

I am cool with it..
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Thanks Scott! Smile

Scott says it's ok, so if somebody were to PM me... Smile
No rush, I'll be mostly offline for the next week or two.
"Cause how you get there is the worthier part." Shephard Book to Kaylee, Firefly
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Someone very kindly bought Scott's book, and sent me a copy. Smile
Have barely started it, but did some quick searches in case there was anything cyber releated, and hit paydirt.
More later, when I've read it all. Smile



Still waiting for some Queenie pics. Smile
Feel free to send them to Gary or me.
Probably faster if you send to Gary, since my net access is intermittent.
"Cause how you get there is the worthier part." Shephard Book to Kaylee, Firefly
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