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tv and antenna
any recommendations for a 12v tv and antenna? looking in the 30+ inch size
I went with the only smart tv that I could find that had an external power supply so I could use a laptop car charger to power it with. It is a 24" LG as I really don't have room for a bigger one and I didn't want to have to run an inverter for 110V only for the TV to down convert it to 19.5V DC. I did have to cut the plugs off both the tv and the charger and splice back together the parts needed.

No recommendations on an antenna. I don't watch over the air (OTA) anymore.

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  • Blacktank (04-19-2019)
Most antennas have a "miles" rating you can expect on average in perfect conditions , but good for comparison.

The flat types are fairly good , a bit directional .
Usually have a booster in line that needs plugging into AC voltage and is included , I think the RCA ones output 12vdc so you could cut off the plug in part and just use the cable to the battery.
You can also buy just the booster...

The Yagi type (look like the small end of the old style TV antennas) Very directional , have to be pointed exactly .
Usually DON't need a booster amp but you could use one if the signal is marginal..
I make a pole to elevate and just turn it to point to the station (a painter's pole or even pvc...).

There are y-toooob vids on making your own (probably every bit as good as the ones you buy) !

You can also use an old antenna too.

You can get phone or PC apps that tell you the direction of your local broadcast antennas.

I use both and use a coax A-B switch to select .
(using 2 together causes ghosting)
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  • Blacktank (04-19-2019)

Many digital stations are uhf. Some are still vhf.

Vhf elements are longer.

I made a tiered bowtie antenna with vhf elements (rabbit ears)

Never had luck with boosters/amplifiers . Seems to just amplify noise.
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  • Blacktank (04-19-2019)
a lot of stations i watch are on the airwaves,metv,grit,comet ect. if your near the city

looks like i will have to take a trip to bestbuy and visually inspect a tv,insignia tv's come in both 12v and 120v with the same model number but i would much rather spend $100 than $300 for a rv 12v tv
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Got.a.13.3 inch Rca 12v tv on a 4 foot long double.elbow swing arm. Gave up on the huge antenna use a single rabbit ear. Can still get some.stations from 92 miles away. Granted they are at 5k foot elevation.

The tv allows one to put in gps.coordinates. see what channels should be available and their actual broadcast channe. If all uhf then vhf elements not.needed. choose antenna design on expected channels.

My 12vdc to 19.5vfdc laptop.adapter is electrically noisy. Eliminates actual channel 8. Watching 8.3 right now laptop off. Faraway cage around it helped.slightly.
Not sure if it. Is an issue with newer tvs. But check viewing angles. Mine gets all.funky the more.obtuse the viewing side. And up and down is far worse. it pretty precisely at my eyes
The Winegard Sensar IV (aka Batwing) is considered the best RV antenna.
[Image: rvw-395-techspec-bg.jpg]
It works well for both VHF and UHF broadcasts. Most TV stations broadcast on UHF but about 25% broadcast VHF. Most if not all other RV antennas are tuned of UHF and work poorly for VHF.

The King Jack is another popular RV antenna. It works well for UHF but poorly for VHF.
[Image: oa8400-king-jack-directional-ota-antenna.jpg]

Winegard makes a nice signal strength meter/amplifier called the SensarPro. It's an adjustable 10db amp/attenuator and signal strength meter.
[Image: sensarpro-navthumb.jpg]

You will find it hard to find a TV larger than 30" that will run direct off 12 volts. A small inverter will work to power most TVs.
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  • Blacktank (04-20-2019)
Winegard lets you attach cell antenna to it.

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I have a cheap sub $150 32" Vizio smart TV. I bought an ANT751E type antenna off Amazon for $40. When TV on, pulls approx 2 amps. 

Really like the antenna, here's a pic\link..  

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