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Heading in to quilting today while going thru a wash I did a double take at what looked like tulips growing in the wash. I turned around and saw this. Of course my pic doesn’t do it justice but the flowers do look like magenta tulips growing from a cactus[Image: df4451adb71be285d410d7432646446f.jpg]

Blanch you could get a great pic. Coming from the Hwy into la Posa South it’s the road right past where the BLM has all their equipment just as the road goes to dirt. If you turn right there and follow to the first wash you can’t miss it on the right.
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Flowers growing in the desert is somehow magical , no matter if it's your first time or the hundreth .
Stay Tuned

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[Image: 697fb866c007e0f45c40fec3971311bc.jpg]
There are a couple of them next to my camp.

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Oh how pretty opened up!
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Is it a miracle to have such a beautiful flower?
(07-21-2019, 10:33 PM)TravisSolomon Wrote: Is it a miracle to have such a beautiful flower?

This is in the desert. The finding of raw beauty tucked away in hidden places makes you feel alive.
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