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Running outside or on a treadmill?
I've seen different things on the internet about the differences between the treadmill and the running outside. Would you lose the same amount of weight at the same time while using a treadmill compared to running outdoors?
My preference would be outside but a treadmill gives you the opportunity to continue your workout in crappy weather. I'm probably wrong on this but I have to believe that activity is activity no matter where you do it and the same amount outdoors as indoors should produce the same calorie burn.
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Last year I lost 18 pounds in six months. Went from 204 to 186. I used a treadmill 30 minutes a day five days a week. I did not run but walked quickly, mostly uphill. I had a gym membership and enjoyed exercising with others, made it easier for me. I went at the same time and saw the same people there. But gyms are spendy.
Same , only difference is the scenery.
Which scenery is better?
Self determined.
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I miss the gym, used to go six days a week when i used to do corporate work, Apart from the toning, muscle mass and strength. The workouts were very invigorating and mentally rewarding.
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The treadmill is a good choice if outside isn’t possible, but if used exclusively you could end up with a muscle imbalance as the treadmill doesn’t work your hamstrings well. You can help the balance by doing hamstring weight machine work.
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outside gives uneven terrain if on a trail etc and would work balance/core and more muscles just due to the changes in terrain you are running I would think. Treadmill is good also....but I doubt there is that much of a difference truly. I would think tho one would be more preferable than the other and weather also. Do both Smile Smile Run outside when nice and inside when weather is horrible. You got it whipped then. Happy running~~
Personally I don’t understand, since I am unable to run, it seems to me that being outside would be preferable. A treadmill is something that I have had to remove from many houses. There owners got tired of walking around them. 

If you want one, try Craigslist.
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