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So, I'm getting a donkey!
Some rescue agencies need more awareness. A dog rescue gave my parents, who were frail and in their 80’s, an untrained 100 pound dog. That guy knocked down my mother monthly. He was a big and happy dog but way more than two folks in their 80’s could handle. At one point I went to visit my parents and the house hallway had blood marks all over it. I ask. Doggie kept body slamming mom in the hallway and all the blood was from multiple incidents and was my mothers. I took the dog and re-homed it. What were they thinking?

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  • Everyroadleadshome (02-17-2019)
A male donkey is great. They just have to be gelded. They are generally more fun than a Jenny.

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(02-16-2019, 10:41 AM)Everyroadleadshome Wrote: Ok so new plan!    I'm not getting that donkey.  Too many people, including here don't seem to think getting a jack donkey is the best of ideas for a newbie.  Several were appalled the rescue would even agree to it.  Then, if that wasn't enough, the rescue is very non communicative.  Simple questions keep going ignored.  The friend that recommended them has even apologized as she said they were very very responsive when she rescued hers,  she's even messaged them for me and isn't getting the answers either.  

So, back to plan B.  I'll build the shed and pen in the spring and look for a Jenny or two.

Maybe it's a blessing in disguise. We all know that when someone is not responsive and ignores your emails and questions then there's something either not right or they're hiding the truth and don't want to tell you. Either way good luck with your build and hopefully you'll find a donkey or two in the future who'll be good natured.

Good luck and all the best
People that are loving and affectionate are like delicate flowers, if you don't show them love in return and nurture them daily, they will build up a wall between you and eventually you will lose their love and trust.

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  • Everyroadleadshome (02-17-2019)
how does the donkey family fair in sub freezing temps? kinda think mexico and not canada when i see a donkey,have you thought about one of those mongolian horses?
(02-16-2019, 11:32 AM)Blanch Wrote: Some rescue agencies need more awareness.

Yes!   Specifically, a lot more focus on Animal Welfare rather then collecting unwanted animals.   Case in point - local cat rescue point got so overcrowded that State authorities intervened on animal welfare considerations.    Result was that more than 50% of the cats were put down because of starvation and disease issues.

Neighbour had several dogs rejected from rehoming agency on temperament grounds.   These dogs are now keep in a cage without exercise or socialisation opportunities.    These dogs just howl most of the day.   Owner defends the situation as better than sending the dogs to China for the dog meat trade.

I have a history of rehoming unwanted pets, from family.    Once this last one is gone I will just hand out information on humane ways to put down the unwanted animals and do a bit more wildlife rescue.
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