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New to the forum
I have been looking for a replacement to face book as the way it has been operating is not appealing to me and it is my belief it will dwindle as people look closer into it . I have always enjoyed the forum format with the subjects separated and searchable . In today's media a forum to work must be moderated  and members must be kind  to each other and negative posts used only for extreme occasions . I am a senior and have been involved with van dwellers and alternate living for a long time and very much enjoy the free spirits of the members  hoping that I sharing some of my experiences will help others . Thanks to the moderators for the add .
welcome to the site,dont be a jerk is our main rule so hope you like it here
Welcome. Tell us more about yourself. What kind of rig and what part of the country you are in.
Smile Hello and Welcome to ya Island Gezzer

I currently live in an apartment in the "elderly and disabled" section of a Public Housing complex.
 Or as I not so lovingly call it "the old bats and old farts" section Wink  A stranger told me one time that I shouldn't call this section that. I figure this is where I Iive for now and  I can be a OLD BAT iffen I want to.

In my mid 40s the oldest grandkid asked me how old I was.  When I replied "Honey I'm older than dirt".  He was amazed and ran through the house yellin' " Hey ya'll G Ma is older than dirt".  When road running or going to various auctions with me he'd tell perfect strangers "My G ma is older than dirt".  I need to send him a YOU AIN'T RIGHT STICKER

This is just a suggestion, if you're faint of heart you may want to just ease up on the YARC THREAD.  MAYBE EVEN CLOSE ONE EYE WHEN YOU START READING IT.

                                        A CHANGE IS GONNA COME
                            MY  Heart  IS GOOD....BUT OH THIS MOUTH
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Hi Island Geezer and welcome.
Welcome IG.
People that are loving and affectionate are like delicate flowers, if you don't show them love in return and nurture them daily, they will build up a wall between you and eventually you will lose their love and trust.

's up?

welcome Smile
My body is a temple- Ancient and crumbling,  
probably cursed 

[Image: AIDog_Line_Sm_Teal_GD.png]
just one Stinkin' Badge 

"it's Beige.."
Welcome to the forum Island Geezer.
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Welcome to this corner of the internet.

I’m a full time nomad with a travel trailer and truck. Life is good!

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