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A few pics of the 2019 Lunar Eclipse
Here are the best pics I managed to get of the lunar esclipse Sunday night. It was hella cloudy, so I had to keep adjusting the camera while waiting for a break in the clouds to shoot!  Dodgy  

Apologies for the quality of the full eclipse pics. My cheapie 300mm lens doesn't do low light very well, so I had to use a long exposure to get anything.
Hope you enjoy!

Partial eclipse

[Image: AWSdeh.jpg]

[Image: f518SG.jpg]

[Image: fbkx6N.jpg]

Full eclipse

[Image: RYDBpX.jpg]

[Image: WlYQG4.jpg]

[Image: xSwnQ2.jpg]

Partial eclipse

[Image: SUZAay.jpg]

[Image: 24ruPi.jpg]

[Image: XgxxfR.jpg]
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I got skunked! You got some nice shots.

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I am so fond of this.
Very cool.

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