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Ocean Dreams- Long exposures
As mentioned in a previous thread, I love long exposure photography. When photographing the ocean, a long exposure gives it a surreal, dreamy quality that I really love.
Hope you guys like these. As Blanch said on her thread, it's like LSD for free.

[Image: IXIomK.jpg]

[Image: TUIOqa.jpg]

[Image: xbU2VZ.jpg]

[Image: YwHDwq.jpg]

[Image: IM5P2L.jpg]

[Image: tkmcb5.jpg]

[Image: t1K2EB.jpg][Image: urzlFq.jpg]

[Image: jKAHDy.jpg]

[Image: eMerEo.jpg]
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Nice shots, thanks for sharing!
Yes, dreamy

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Beautiful. I love the reflections in the second photo! Outstanding stuff!

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I like the first three photos and think they're amazing.
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