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Emptying your black & grey tanks...
So you are saying that bears should not shit in the woods?

Wondering about Wandering.
Cats dig a hole and bury it. Who is going to stop a bear from shitting in the woods?  Perhaps issue shovels and rakes?   Undecided
Compared to parenting, Cat herding is less complicated 
I have both seen RV's dumping their grey tanks as they leave a area and the long dark line in the dirt where one had recently. I will pull over if I can't pass them quickly. In the area where I held the Colorado get together I have twice seen where black tanks have been dumped just off the edge of a clearing. The toilet paper clumps up and just doesn't break down.

Was it Barth motor coaches that used the exhaust to get rid of waste? I can see it now. Sir, we have been following you for a while and I do not think your rig is running right. It smells terrible.
The issue is disease. Dog and cat and animal poo don’t carry human diseases ( there are always exceptions ).

People poop can kill people. Proper disposal is important.

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The thing about bear poop and other wild animal poop is it's made from organic wild foods in the same area they drop it, all part of the balanced eco system....most the time....some wild animals get into people food, but that's a different topic.

Human poop is filled with potential human diseases and other stuff not at all native to the area we drop it.

It's always easy to justify doing something you know isn't right because of this, this, this and this, but that just goes back to the old saying, two wrongs don't make it right. As this earth's population continues to grow, all these small actions can add and do add up into larger, unhealthy issues.

Just my two cents, people are always going to do what they're gonna do, and the one's who care will always be cleaning up the other's messes.
Yeah I would not do it either....

It does make me wonder how many RVers have done this, or just use a remote waste valve switch and dump the 35 gallons of raw sewage in the middle of a parking lot, field, or highway.

I heard of a similar event that happened in Las Cruces many years ago during an RV rally with a couple thousand RVs and nowhere to dump the tanks. 

Some of the campers pulled the waste valve handle in the middle of some public parking lots in the wee hours of the morning and then left...and it was caught on security cameras.

Not enough video detail to ID the plates....unfortunately.
Wondering about Wandering.
rvers equivalent of tipping cows,sneaking up to million dollar motorhomes at walmart and pulling the black tank lever
That would work on my rig and a few others here.
Those big pushers have all that stuff locked behind a compartment door though.
But I have seen everything working in campgrounds the last 15 years ...
Once I was staying at Che'Wally and all the campers got kicked out cuz some bonehead dumped in the storm drain.
well , mostly in it anyway...
Stay Tuned

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