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Selling on eBay. Clearing Clutter
eBay has worked especially well for me in getting rid of stuff that's sitting around and a bit too expensive to toss!
The awesome thing is people either buy it, or they don't. If you've sold much on Craigslist, you'll really appreciate this!
I've sold thousands of items, and the problems I've had aren't significant enough to mention.

Shipping is Made EZ
All around, eBay's shipping is the best thing going- It just prints a label, at a big discount- based on what package you choose, weight and where the buyer lives. There's also shipping options (USPS Regional Flat Rate) that aren't available at the post office.
You can move small stuff quickly, because it's so easy and cheap to ship- Anything 16oz or less goes USPS First Class Package*. Small pre-labelled packages can go right in a mailbox, in your own mail, given to any mailman or dropped at any Post Office.
USPS first class packages are cheap, and fast. You can ship a wristwatch to Berlin cheaper than FedEx or UPS will ship it to a town 20 mils away.

For larger, heavier stuff, USPS Priority has FREE boxes at the Post Office, and you can order many different size Priority Boxes shipped, FREE, to your door.

For convenience, easily the best shipper.

I've used UPS extensively, but it's too complex for this post.

What you Need
Any cell-phone will have a camera sufficient to take a quality photo.
But, you'll also need a scale, a printer, boxes and office supplies (Tape, glue, scissors etc)

Lessons I've Learned
- #1: get the package to the shipper ASAP!! Customers love getting their stuff fast, and will love you! Familiarize yourself with what Post Offices do the latest postmark in your area.

- Do a search for what you're selling and click 'Completed Sales' in the Left Column- Gives you and idea what it's going for, and you can use a successful sale as a template!

- Don't use the App or a cell phone to list, if you can help it. Definitely don't use the app to modify an auction.

- If you're using buy it now as opposed to an auction, make sure you click "Immediate Payment Required"

- 'Accept Best Offers' turns eBay into Craigslist- You'll get low-ballers left and right. Just price it right. eBay loves to default to 'Best Offers Accepted', so double check your listing before posting!

- Be careful on foreign sales- It can take forever to go even across the MN border to Canada, and Canadians get frustrated.
FedEx and UPS charge 'Brokerage' to your customer- Quick way to PO someone. Different countries have different, weird rules about what they'll let in. Be as vague as possible on the extra form you need to fill out.

- Pack stuff like it's going to be tossed ten feet. You can get cheap lath at Lowe's and reinforce (semi-crate) boxes if needed.

- PayPal is the worst part of selling on eBay, that's changing, but for now you have to deal with them.

- Talk about any defect, even if minor. Customers likely won't care, but do appreciate when someone is being honest.

Customer Service
Of course, basic principles of customer service aren't unique to eBay. If you're not really good at customer service, your feeedback will drop off, and buyers will shy away quickly. It seems people that have problems elsewhere, quickly end up having problems on eBay.

* ONLY on eBay. Post Office is still 13oz max
Sometimes dweller in 237k miles '07 Grand C-van w/ a solar powered fridge and not much else
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  • Kaylee (09-17-2018)
ebay is collector heaven so anything with some age or anything collectable will get eaten up $10 is $10 and if you have something desirable,the auctions can go higher than retail price
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  • MN C Van (09-17-2018)
Can you give some examples of savings on shipping?
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Ok, Mpls to Beverly Hills, eBay 16oz is $4.66 First Class

FedEx 4dys $10.45
UPS was too complex
USPS Post Office Retail (Post Office Counter) 2-3 days $7.20

When Package gets heavier, FedEx (Thru eBay) is likely Cheaper than USPS eBay
Sometimes dweller in 237k miles '07 Grand C-van w/ a solar powered fridge and not much else
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  • Kaylee (09-18-2018)
A video on clutter - helps with the emotional end of it
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  • MN C Van (09-18-2018)

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