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Speaking of moving slowly and memory...
I had cameras on my last house. My ex was a problem and so was a neighbor. If someone walked up to my front door the camera system took a picture and emailed it to my phone. It was pretty handy for packages being delivered and once someone messed around with my house and word of “pictures of the event” got around town, I was left alone. Drugs are so bad these days, meth heads everywhere. They’ll steal anything.

I sure hope the new locks do the trick. That is some scary stuff.

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We have 3 retired vets to thank. The neighborhood was being ravished by a gang of thieves. Our door was broken down or attempted 7 times. So were the neighbors. The gang got more and more bold. Patrick, across the street, Joe a couple doors down from us and Joe’s son behind Joe, the three vets were watching. Finally they knew exactly who it was. But as soon as the police were called the thieves vanished. The vets kept track of the thieves daily. The vets mowed their grass visibly packing iron. Patrick figured out the look outs were in houses on the corners or in an apartment building behind our subdivision and using cell phones to alert the thieves. So one day Patrick saw them attempt to break in our house. He went over and cornered 3 of them at gun point. The police found the look outs and all are doing time. While out of the military they are on duty and ready at all times. Thank you vets.
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Snik, that's fantastic! Most of the people in my neighborhood are anti-gun, and they're very verbal about it. Do they know what S-T-U-P-I-D spells? Probably not.

I like the story of the thieves who were looking for places to hit. They came to two housing developments across the street from each other. One had a large sign in front: "This is a Gun-Free Neighborhood". The other one also had a sign in front: "This community is insured by Colt, Glock and Smith & Wesson". If you were a burglar, which one would you choose?
Someone I know was asking me what I would do if I was camped alone and some bad guys showed up? I said I have a shotgun and 58 years of repressed rage. Then I laughed.

I was anti gun once. People change.

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"I was anti gun once. People change."

There was what you thought Reality was, and there is what it is REALLY, and they're not the same.

And make sure it's an EVIL laugh.  Big Grin Tongue Rolleyes Dodgy
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