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If S. Dakota is your 'residence state'...
... don't go here for surgery!

My first thought was that he sold the healthy kidney.  Cynical and suspicious?  ME???  I wonder how much kidneys go for, these days?

If you have to go for a surgerical removal anywhere, and the surgeon has 'choices' of more than one body part (leg, breast, etc), write on the GOOD body part with a Sharpie pen:  "Not this one".  A friend did that when her mother went in for a mastectomy, and the surgeon said it was a good idea. He suggested not writing "this one" on the sick one, because they could cover it up and never see it.

Don't sneer in disbelief, it happens more than you think. And when you sign the document agreeing to surgery, write under your name in BLUE ink (not as easy to fake/duplicate as black ink), "All rights reserved" (and try to overlap some of the tall letters into your name, so it's harder to use WhiteOut). And ask for a copy of the original signed document while you're there. My friend spent many years in the insurance business, and has seen a lot of this crap.

And call your state board of medical licensing to check for complaints and lawsuits.

Oh... "How Much Are Your Body Parts Worth?" (These are 2014 prices. Can't ignore inflation, you know.

Wrong breast:
Wrong leg:
Wrong arm:
Wrong testicle:
Wrong eye:
Wrong side of the brain:
Quarter million for a kidney... time to upgrade the van.
My Uncle is a now retired surgeon and he once removed the wrong kidney! I have no idea what punishment if any he received for doing so or what settlement the family got. He had a thriving private practice he just retired from not that long ago. I was never close with him.
You think that's bad. What about China and how the government there harvests and deal in prisoner and other minorities organs on the black market.

China is forcing up to 90,000 prisoners to have organs removed for sale on the black market, despite denying claims they are harvesting body parts illegally, says new report

China's black market for organ donations

Report: China still harvesting organs from prisoners at a massive scale
Who is buying the Chinese organs?
I'm guessing Chinese looking to upgrade from Chinese pianos.
  [Image: 414097000.jpg]
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  • Cammalu (08-19-2018)
Most Chinese prisoners don't have pianos to upgrade from. You're probably thinking of American prisons.

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