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Still thinking about stuff
and I don't know why but...  oh well.  Does anyone have a front mounted receiver hitch?  What about using a extended 2x2 tube that goes inside the front hitch with a round pipe welded perpendicular to the end large enough to receive one of those umbrella type clothes drying racks.  It would be up on the front of your vehicle and pretty much out of the way.  Bucket washer, hand cranked wringer and an umbrella type drying rack and to use an Aussie expression....  Bob's yer uncle.

could probably rig up a way to mount this to the front hitch too

It would be a thing of beauty....
  [Image: 414097000.jpg]
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  • heron (08-16-2018)
you do know caravaning in big in aussie land,so the big difference is you'll be on the other side of the road

british caravaning has better designs than american rv

[Image: 917xyktAhrL._SX355_.jpg]

[Image: 46-Led-Rear-Lights-Caravan-Camper-Motorhome-For.jpg]
Get the umbrella high enough and hit the road with the laundry attached. Wind speed should spin the umbrella thus drying your laundry quicker. Save hours every wash day.
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  • heron (08-16-2018), TWIH (08-17-2018)
Why not keep thinking about stuff. No reason you can't do exactly what you were going to do here over there, sounds like an awesome once in a lifetime adventure if you ask me. And like Gary said, lots of stuff they have over there are better suited to the lifestyle and we are still trying to catch up to them here
Get a front mount bike rack and adapt it

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